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Yoga and Me – My Personal Story About Why I Started To Practice Yoga


Yoga and Me - The Pigeon Pose
Yoga and Me – The Pigeon Pose

When I was a teenager I used to compete in Triathlon, which is a sport combining swimming, biking and running one after the other. And I was pretty good at it too, I used to have a high ranking and I even won a few trophies. I remember my coach talking to me about the importance of stretching before and after practice, and how I should always be aware of my body and notice if my body is signaling me that something isn’t right. The story about yoga and me didn’t really start then, at a time when I was focused only on competing and winning, it actually started much later when I was in my twenties. But all those conversations with my coach and teammates were the begging of my understanding of the body, and the importance of body-awareness.

When I was in the University I studied physics and it wasn’t easy at all, I knew that I needed some activity to give my mind a little rest and boost my body’s energy. So I signed up for the track team and swimming team, and for a while, these activities were really helpful but I knew that I needed something else, something that will also calm my mind. So I decided to try yoga for the first time ever, this is where my story about yoga and me began.

My First Yoga Class Experience

I signed up for a free yoga class that was on campus and it was my first yoga class experience, sadly I really didn’t like it, not one bit of it. It felt like I was wasting my time, the class was so full of people that I barely had room for my mat and the yoga instructor talked so slow that I thought I would fall asleep. I really wanted to get it over with.

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After my bad experience with the yoga class, I turned to YouTube where I found endless yoga tutorials and explanations on how to practice yoga at home and how to practice different yoga poses. So I started to do some yoga lessons online, every now and then but I wasn’t persistent and there were times when I didn’t practice yoga for weeks, which would make it even more difficult for me to start practice again.

My Next Yoga Class Experience Was Much Better

Yoga and Me
Yoga and Me

About two years after my first yoga class experience I decided to give it another try and went to a different yoga instructor, It was the best decision I had made, because when I arrived the instructor greeted me with such a big smile on her face and with such joy that I imidietly felt happy and was glad I came.

The lesson itself was completely different than what I had experienced almost two years before, we were only 5 students, relaxing music was playing in the background and every now and then the teacher would go around us students and correct our postures and give us some useful yoga tips.

Yoga and Me From Here On

From then on I kept going to her lessons while also practicing at home with some online yoga video tutorials. What I liked the most was that going to that yoga class gave me a boost of motivation and energy to practice more yoga.

Since then I have found many great yoga lessons online and I barely go to yoga classes in a studio (although sometimes I will go with a friend because there is still something special when you practice yoga with other people). I love taking out my yoga mat, connecting my computer to my TV screen, getting my dog to sit still and do my yoga routine at home. 🙂

All the yoga practicing that I have done, whether it was at my home with my dog or at a studio with a yoga instructor, have helped me learn many important things mainly about myself and my body. It is known that yoga has many health benefits, but you really can’t understand it until you try it for yourself.

Health Benefits of Yoga Poses – Based On Research!

I am More Aware of My Body

The Bridge Pose
Yoga and Me – The Bridge Pose

When I am in a yoga routine and am focused in a difficult pose like the Eagle Pose, trying to concentrate on my breath, I can suddenly feel the different muscles of my body working, many I didn’t even know existed. After practicing yoga for a while I started to be more aware of my posture during the day, when walking my dog I suddenly noticed if I was walking with my back upright or if I need to correct my posture.

One of the things that I immediately noticed after practicing yoga for more than once a week was my awareness and this was definitely a huge benefit for me because I never really cared about my posture before, I only cared about training and improving my running skills. It never occurred to me that yoga has many health benefits and practicing yoga can be especially beneficial for people who do sports and for runners as well.

How About You?

Have you felt any difference after practicing yoga? Did you have a good first yoga class experience? What do you think are the benefits of yoga?

I would love to know what you think, so please leave a comment in the box below and I will be happy to reply. 🙂



  • Mandy PilatesYoga

    Hi Paulina,
    Thank you for sharing your story. I like your blog btw. A great way to spread the benefits of yoga to others.
    I love yoga so much I became a yoga teacher after two years of taking classes. I have never looked back!
    I started yoga after suffering post-traumatic stress after being attacked. It really helped my over it by the breathing (pranayama) exercises. And the gentle postures helped calm my nervous system and heal.
    I love teaching beginners and seeing them change over time and the smile on my students faces at the end of class.
    Keep practicing Yoga ?‍♀️

    • Paulina

      Hey Mandy, thank you so much for your kind words and I am very happy to know that you enjoy reading my yoga blog!
      I think it is amazing that you decided to become a yoga teacher after experiencing the benefits of yoga for yourself, I am sure that your students are inspired by the change you have gone through.
      It is a dream of mine to become a yoga instructor but I keep waiting for the “right time” (whenever that is), so in the meanwhile, I practice yoga for my own happiness. 🙂

  • Florinda Loga

    So every time I hear someone say Yoga, in my mind, I instantly see people sitting in or standing in different positions for lengths of time. I always thought to myself, if i want to relax ill just lay in my bed. You have opened my eyes to realize that it’s a sort or balance for the body as well as for the mind. Thanks for sharing your experience, I now am very open to trying yoga out for myself! I really do need to work on my posture too!

  • Andrei

    Great story!

    I actually feel inspired by it and I thank you for sharing with us! I think that I need to take the same step that you took and to enroll in a class with a few people. I tried 2-3 times to practice it at home, but my problem is that if I spend time at home, I usually get to work at different things and I forget to take time off. I hope that I will enroll in a class in order to keep me away from distractions :D. How long does a regular yoga session take?

    • Paulina

      Hey Andrei,
      You should definitely try going to a yoga class (which is typically 40 minutes to one hour) and see how you feel. Maybe you’ll like it or maybe you’ll discover that practicing at home for 30 minutes is better for you 🙂
      I wish you luck!

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