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Why Smiling in Yoga is So Important

Keep Smiling

I have heard somewhere that children smile about 300 times a day and adults smile about 20, I couldn’t find proof to that claim and maybe the numbers aren’t correct but it doesn’t surprise me that children smile more than adults. I think that maybe somewhere along the way we became more serious and began to smile less. Smiling in yoga and in our everyday life has a great value, it can boost our mood and energy and bring us from feeling low to high in a matter of seconds.

Smiling in yoga isn’t less important than smiling in our day to day activities. Have you ever walked down the street and saw a person smiling to themselves, and then you feel a bit of joy because you wonder what made them smile then you start to smile yourself. Sometimes we try to hide our own smile instead of showing it with pride to the world and sharing our happiness with everyone around us.

Smile to Boost Your Energy

I remember when I used to compete in track running events I used to love to cheer people while I was running, because I knew that when I felt exhausted and out of breath, the best thing I could do to boost my energy was to smile at other participants (that weren’t in my category… this was still a competition) and cheer them. Even though I was tired from running and felt like I wanted this to be over, this method helped me every single time.

Every time I smiled to others I could feel that their mood just got better and I knew that I gave them a small push, and whenever they smiled back it gave me twice the energy that I needed and I could continue on with my race.

If you have ever competed in sports where your friends, family or even strangers cheered you as you go, then you probably know how good it feels to have someone smiling at you and cheering you as you go.

Smiling in Yoga

Some say that smiling is like yoga for the face. When we smile we reduce the feeling of stress and we can even eliminate it completely, smiling can engage your whole body and create a wonderful feeling of happiness.

While you are in your yoga routine or if you’re in a difficult pose and you feel like you’ve had enough, simply put a big happy smile on your face and you’ll instantly feel the change in your body. You will feel that you can hold in that pose for longer and your whole body will feel lighter.

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You don’t have to smile during your whole yoga routine, but you can definitely add a few smiles in there, to begin with. But then again, it would be like saying ‘you don’t have to smile your whole life’ but I bet that wouldn’t be a smart thing to do since we all know how important a smile can be and what a different it can make in one’s life. I say Smile As Much As You Can! 🙂

Sometimes when I do my yoga exercises my dog loves to join in and I start smiling, but mostly laughing and it makes my day.

The Bridge Pose With My Dog
My Dog Makes Me Laugh A Lot

Fake Smile is The Best

A study done at the University of Kansas examined the ability of people to recover from stressful situations after studying different types of smiling. They took a study group where some participants had to fake smile (those people held a chopstick in their mouth so they didn’t even know they were smiling), the other group was instructed to smile. They were asked to perform stressful activities and throughout the testing, their heart rate was measured.

… results of the study suggest that smiling may actually influence our physical state: compared to participants who held neutral facial expressions, participants who were instructed to smile, and in particular, those with Duchenne smiles, had lower heart rate levels after recovery from the stressful activities…

We can conclude from these findings that when we smile we help our body with stressful events. Let’s say that you are waiting to go into a job interview and you are very nervous, try going to the nearest restroom, look yourself in the mirror and SMILE. You may feel silly and embarrassed, but that’s the point, to feel silly and happy and change your mood into something positive.

Smiling to myself in the mirror

A nice way to start practicing happiness is to stand in front of the mirror and make silly faces, you will feel weird at the beginning but after a few times you will learn to love your silly self and enjoy a few moments of pure joy, like when we were kids and we used to look at the mirror and check what new silly faces we can make just for the fun of it.

🙂 Smile Now And See How You Fell 🙂

I Love To Smile

I know that smiling and conscious breathing helps me a lot, especially if I am stressed or nervous about an upcoming event. Smiling during my yoga exercises also gives me a great feeling in my body as I teach every cell the feeling of joy and happiness.

Smiling has a ripple effect and once you smile to yourself or to others you are welcoming more happiness into your life. Try today to smile to someone and see what happens…

What do you think about the importance of smiling? Do you like to smile a lot during the day or are you more of a serious person? Do you think you need to smile more? I would love to know what you think, so leave a comment in the box below and I will be happy to reply!



  • Jony

    I appreciate that smile helps people further longer life. Even though saved from attacking of a different disease, such as heart attack, blood pressure many more. I really love this smiling yoga. Thanks for your help in providing such a great information. I found your blog too informative.

    • Paulina

      Hey Jony, I also agree that smiling is an important aspect of life and not only during our yoga practice 🙂
      I’m sorry you found my post too informative but I hope you will find different yoga blog posts that interest you here.

  • Baukje

    Love it! I smile because it feels good, and now I know the psychology behind it lol! It is amazing when you walk down the street with a HUGE smile on your face and see how many smile back… it feels so good! I believe smiling through Yoga is important as it takes away from the concentration and seriousness some of the Yoga flow poses can be, smiling returns the mind to the reason as to why you’re doing Yoga in the first place… Thank you for the wonderful articles, I will be sure to read more…

    • Paulina

      Smiling is so important in our everyday life and we can all use more of it. Thank you for your comment and I wish you a wonderful day with lots of smiles 🙂 🙂

  • Ravi

    Hi Paulina,

    Yes….I also smiled while reading this post and even as I am writing this reply lol…

    Yeah, it does really help. I think we adults can learn soooo much more from children.
    As you said…even a fake one does the trick!

    What could be easier!

      • Harry

        I looked up ‘smile’ and here is what I found:” A facial expression characterized by an upward curving of the corners of the mouth and indicating pleasure, amusement, or derision.”
        I agree we should all use it!

  • Linda

    Hi, Paulina!
    What a great article and I smiled while reading it. 🙂 Thank you for that! I agree with everything you wrote.
    I love to smile too. When I go for a walk, I always smile, sometimes only my eyes are smiling. Hehe. 🙂
    When I smile to people, sadly they don’t smile back. I guess people are like that in my country. In my opinion, they are too serious.

    • Paulina

      Hey Linda! I guess that many people just aren’t used to be smiled at, but don’t stop smiling! Maybe one-day people will smile back at you and pass the smile to someone else 😉

  • Juan

    I agree that smiling helps a lot, not only in Yoga also in general life. And I would add that smiling not only makes you look more confident, it also makes you more confident!

    • Paulina

      Thanks Juan! It’s like Charlie Chaplin said that “A day without laughter is a day wasted”, I guess same goes with smiling 🙂

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