Where To Buy Jade Yoga Mats

Where to Buy Jade Yoga Mats

I’ve been searching around for all kinds of different yoga mats and there are so many brands out there, it’s really difficult to choose. If you arrived at my post today then you’ve probably already made up your mind and want to know where to buy Jade yoga mats, so keep on reading and I will show you a few places where you can find their mats.

You can find where to buy jade yoga mats in many different stores, as they have distributors all over the world. You can also find their mats and other products on online websites like JadeYoga and Amazon.

JadeYoga’s History (A Summary)

Before I go into all the details I would like to tell you a little bit about Jade Yoga (for those of you how don’t know anything about them). Jade Yoga started out as a rug family business in 1904, and in the 1960’s they began making natural rubber rug pads to put under the rugs. In the year of 2000, JadeYoga became committed to yoga mats after they found out that the main problem with almost all cheap yoga mats at the time was that they were SLIPPERY.

The cheap yoga mat that you may find may cost between 15-35$ but if they are made out of cheap, imitation plastic they are likely to be toxic (depending on what the mat is made of) and it may be useless for most practices as you can’t get a good grip and slip.

They used their knowledge from the rug industry and their natural rubber rug pads, and that was when they developed ‘Harmony’, the first natural rubber yoga mat. Their mats are tapped from rubber trees, made in the United States in compliance with U.S. environmental laws. That makes them the first “green” non-toxic yoga mat.

JadeYoga has a partnership with Trees For The Future and plants a tree for every yoga mat that they sell! I think that this is a wonderful cause and hope this will raise awareness about hunger and poverty across Sub-Saharan Africa. In this way, JadeYoga has planted over 1 MILLION TREES!

You can read their full history on their website.

Purchase Online

We live in a world where it is so easy to buy something online, it doesn’t matter if it’s cheap or expensive, big or small. We can order a flight ticket to the other side of the planet in only a few minutes. We can order a refrigerator and have it sent to our house within a few weeks (or even days!). I find it amazing and very easy to use, although at times I find that I rather go to the store when I want to pick out a specific dress or some fabric for sewing, because when I feel the fabric I know immediately if I like it or not, which is something I cannot do through the computer. But I do like to buy other product online such as books or craft supplies that I know I will get the same exact thing as shown in the photo.

If you are the person that likes to ‘feel’ the product before buying it then you can skip this part and go straight to the paragraph about JadeYoga’s distributors. If you enjoy saving time and would like to go to the beach or read a book while your yoga mat is on it’s way to you, then here are the top two places to buy JadeYoga mats online.

Their most popular yoga mat is the ‘Harmony’ and this is the one I will compare in this post, you can check out their website for more yoga mats, towels, blocks and more.


Harmony Mat Price: 74.95$Where To Buy Jade Yoga Mats

Width: 24″ wide.

Length: Available in two lengths- 68”, 71” and 74”.

Weight: About 5 pounds.

Color: Purple, Midnight Blue, Olive Green, Black, Teal, Raspberry, or Tibetan Orange.

Shipping: Orders will ship within 1-2 business days, within the continental US will reach you within 3-6 business days. (For international shipment, they have many distributors around the world, link in the next paragraph).

Return Policies: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, full refund within 30 days of purchase (You may find their full return policy on their website)

When on their site you can choose the size you want out of the three options and choose the color you want, notice that different sizes might have different colors. Customer’s reviews are parsing this yoga mat and are loving the fact that it is not slippery as promised.


Harmony Mat Price: 73.95$Where To Buy Jade Yoga Mats

Width:  24″ wide.

Length: Available in one length- 68”.

Weight: 4.4 pounds (which is weird because it’s supposed to weigh the same as the mat on JadeYoga’s website, but it’s not crucial).

Color: Purple, Midnight Blue, Olive Green, Black, Teal, Raspberry, or Tibetan Orange.

Shipping: Free shipping Orders will ship within 1-2 business days, within the continental US will reach you within 3-6 business days. (For international shipment, they have many distributors around the world, link in the next paragraph).

Return Policies: As specified by Amazon, “when you order from a seller that fulfills and ships its own inventory (also called a third party seller), your return will be sent back to the seller instead of Amazon.com”. So the return policy would be the same as on JadeYoga’s website.

So Should I Buy From Amazon or JadeYoga?

As you can see it doesn’t really matter where you decide to buy because the product is the same because JadeYoga sells their Products also on Amazon.

Distributors All Over The World

If you don’t live in the United States then you can click here for more than 40 distributors worldwide. If you would like to feel and touch the yoga mat before you buy it then you can also check here for a store near you (within the United Stated).

I think that it’s so cool that they have so many distributors! This way even people that can’t order from amazon or don’t want to deal with overseas shipping can still enjoy their products.

I Hope You Found This Helpful

Thanks for reading and I really hope that I helped clarify the two best options as to where to buy JadeYoga’s mats. Do you have any question or thought? Please leave a comment and I will happily reply 🙂



  • Penny

    Well, this is eye-opening. I had no idea good, non-slippery yoga mats existed: I figured we were all just dealing with the crappy plastic! For anyone who does a lot of yoga, I think $70 is a low price to pay to eliminate the slippage with the mat alone, and not some gymnastics with slightly wet towels over the mat. It’s also amazing that this is made by a family company that plants trees for every mat sold. thanks for the info.

    • Paulina

      Hey Penny,
      I agree with you on that, for someone who practices yoga a lot this mat is a great solution for the slippery problem. I think that this mat is also suitable for people who practice yoga even once a week, it’s very important to have a good yoga mat and a good space to practice in, it can change the whole yoga experience. 🙂

  • Matt

    Ohh I hate cheap slippery yoga mats, I have first hand experience with them doing bikram yoga sweating and slipping all over the place. Love the idea of planting a tree for every purchase, my friend runs a yoga retreat business in the Himalayas, I’ll definitely recommend them to her 😉

    • Paulina

      Hey Matt,
      I hate it when I use a yoga mat that is slippery and that’s way I usually bring my own yoga mat when I go to the studio for a yoga class. I also love the fact that they plantr a tree for every yoga mat bought.

  • Krystle Zee

    Great information regarding this yoga mat! Back in the day, when I was clueless about yoga, I didn’t understand why there was a need for a specific type of mat. Now, I know better. I currently have a yoga mat, it’s not a Jade Yoga mat, but I love it all the same! It’s soft, but not too soft for me, and it’s not slippery at all. Did you try plenty of different types of yoga mats before you found one that’s right for you? Or are you still in search for it?

    • Paulina

      I currently have three different yoga mats but I can’t say that I really love them. After I did my mini research about Jade Yoga mats I think I want to try them out. Because there were so many great reviews about them (and they are eco-friendly). If I’ll decide to buy their mat I will definitely write a post about it 🙂

  • Vince

    Those mats look comfy. I currently use a cheap target version and it smells of toxic plastic every time I use it. Yum. I’m so keen on getting a jade mat. Do you know if the mats come in a carry case?

    • Paulina

      Hey Vince,
      These yoga mats don’t come with a carry case, but you can find many great options here.
      I’ll write a post in the future about yoga cases and bags.

  • Owain

    Thanks Paulina for showing where I can get one of these mats. I was very interested to read the history behind Jade. I do also feel that to get quality you have to spend a little extra. I was though surprised to see that the cheaper ones maybe toxic. How awful?! Thanks again.

    • Paulina

      Hey Owain,
      Yes, you never know what you’re getting when you buy something cheap, unless you ask and then you might think twice before buying it…
      But I love the fact that these mats are Eco-friendly 🙂

  • Ravi

    Wow….those mats looks awesome…love the colors to…like Skittles! Also cool that they plant a tree for each mat sold.

    I also think that by having a physical object such as mat encourages you to stick to your practice as you link yoga practice with the mat.

    So it’s a win -win….mat = yoga practice= doing it without even thinking!


    • Paulina

      I agree about that Ravi, connecting your mat with yoga practice can definitely encourage one to get on the mat and do some yoga 😉

  • Jen

    Having a good yoga mat really makes a difference. In keeping you from slipping and sliding all over the place, AND in saving my knees between poses…. Your site makes me missing doing yoga, in fact it has inspired me, and I am going to start enjoying it again! I live in a small apartment now and I cannot find my yoga mat since I last moved two months ago… I’m considering going with a Jade mat, thanks for a great review and recommendation!

    • Paulina

      Hey Jen,
      You are so right! I hate it when I slip on the yoga mat, it always gets me frustrated and it’s harder for me to concentrate. That’s why I always bring my own yoga mat to class instead of using the mats that the studio offers. I hope that you’ll try yoga again (after you find your mat 😉 )

  • Gaylene

    Hi Paulina,

    Thanks for the history lesson, I really enjoyed the information. I’ve only tried yoga once in my lifetime and I don’t recall using a mat at all. I love that these mats are made from natural rubber and it’s great that for every mat sold a tree is planted – I think I’d be more inclined to purchase this mat because the company is environmentally responsible. Thanks again 🙂

    • Paulina

      Hi Gaylene, in most yoga poses you don’t really need to use a mat unless you are on hard floor, then a blanket or towel is fine. I also like the fact that they plant a tree for every mat bought 🙂

  • Greg

    Hi Paulina,

    Thanks for another insightful post. I aways like learning about the history of companies. Is there any benefit to using a yoga mat vs not using one?

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