What is Yoga Good For

Yoga For Body and Soul

You may have heard this sentence before, that yoga is for the body and soul. The truth about yoga is exactly what the sentence implies when we practice yoga we are concentrating on our Pranayama (our yoga breath) while moving from pose to pose in a flow. It requires a lot of focus and concentration for us to be aware of our breathing while paying attention to our physical body. So when you ask what is yoga good for, the answer is that it has many benefits such as improving flexibility, balance and releasing tension just to mention a few.

When we practice yoga, whether it is a 10-minute sequence or a full lesson of 60 minutes, we engage our whole body and move from pose to pose while stretching, concentrating and enjoying the exercise. Yoga is good for our body as we move in between different positions that in our day to day life we just don’t do. We sit in front of a desk most of the day, rarely get up for a 5-minute stretch. This is why yoga is perfect for everyone and especially for those who don’t get a lot of movement throughout the day.

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Benefits of Yoga

Bone Health

There are many ways that we can keep our bones healthy, healthy diet, quit smoking, less alcohol, exercising and giving our body some good vitamin D from the sun. To add to all these aspects of keeping our bones healthy, yoga can help with that a lot. Since in yoga we are in movement, we are constantly stretching the muscles, the spine and other parts of our body, we help our blood flowing and when we keep our bones in movement, just like our muscles) they will become stronger.

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Blood Flow

When you practice yoga you get your blood flowing and when you are in movement your breath helps deliver oxygen to your cells and creates a better circulation in your whole body. (You can read more here if yoga is aerobic or anaerobic).

Makes You Happy 🙂

What is The Bridge Pose Step 3
The Bridge Pose

When you SMILE during your yoga exercise, or whenever you smile you create a great feeling of joy in your body that boosts your energy and makes you happier. When you are in movement, whether you are walking, running or riding your bicycle your blood is flowing in your veins and you feel a great sensation of pure happiness.

Yoga is the same because when you choose a yoga pose and concentrate on your breath, you will find that similar to meditation because your mind begins to drift while you pay attention to the present moment, relaxing and forgetting for a moment the worries you had before.

Keeping Balance

What is The Tree Pose
The Tree Pose

Many yoga poses require you to learn how to keep your balance, whether it is the Tree Pose or the Low Lunge, each yoga pose has its unique balance that you must keep in order to keep yourself from falling.

We all were beginners once at something, in yoga you may fall several times (like I have) and get back into that position because repetition is the secret to succeeding when it comes to yoga poses. The more you practice The Bridge Pose, for example, the better you will get at it.

Improving Flexibility

Whenever you practice a yoga pose, even if it is The Tadasana (which is considered easy), you are improving your posture and your flexibility. The moment you get up from your office chair and stretch, you are improving your flexibility. The most important thing to remember is to keep moving because when we sit still for too long our body starts to yell at us to get going!

Relaxes and Releases Tension and Stress

When you close your eyes and take 4 deep breaths, it calms the mind and somewhat gives it a signal that it can relax now. When you are in a yoga pose and you are concentrating on your breath, it is difficult for the mind to think of something else other than the muscles that are working. Your mind starts to relax and slowly forget about all the worries that it once had at the beginning of the lesson.

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How Should You Practice Yoga?

There are many different ways to practice yoga, you can practice alone at home, with your pet or maybe invite some friends over to do an online yoga lesson. You can also go to a studio near you where you can practice yoga with an instructor and other students just like you.

What Lessons Should You Take?

The traditional yoga lessons that you can find in your town are usually between one hour to 90 minutes, but when you search online you can find many different lengths of yoga lessons that you can choose from. You can choose online for lessons of 10 minutes, 30 minutes or a full 5 lesson beginners course.

There are so many levels of difficulty when it comes to yoga lessons and you really want to choose your level wisely so you will have the best experience with yoga.

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What Do You Think

What would be the best benefit you could gain if you tried yoga? Or if you already practice yoga, what do you think is the best benefit of them all when it comes to yoga?

I would love to know what you think, so please leave a message below and I will be happy to reply.



  • FrankieTrillz

    This is some very useful information for the health conscious people like me. I have notice that I use a lot of yoga poses and exercise in my workout. I can actually see how it help me mentally, spiritually, and physically. I will visit your site to learn more and grow my understanding. Have you studied the Yoga lessons?

    • Paulina

      Hey Frankie,
      It’s great that you use yoga poses during your workout, it can really give you a great boost and strengthen your body.
      You can find here some yoga lessons that I tried online and my opinion about them.

  • Zarina

    Hi Paulina,
    Excellent points on yoga benefits. One of your paragraphs made me remember the following – a while ago I was a smoker and I remember I decided to take yoga lessons with a teacher in my area. What I noticed is that after about 10 lessons or so, I was more and more inclined to stop smoking and a bit later, I actually did! Without any tobacco patches, without any pain – I just became more conscious about it, I felt how my lungs reacted when I did certain poses and I just realized that my life would be better without smoking. And that’s it.
    Reading your articles helps me slowly but surely get back to yoga and enjoy the benefits of it too.
    I have a question – I didn’t do yoga for about 2 years now, and I feel having less energy. Let’s say I start doing yoga on a daily basis even for 5 minutes, when do you think I’ll regain my energy?
    Thank you!

    • Paulina

      Wow! That’s an amazing story and thank you so much for sharing it.
      Yoga has a lot of benefits and some of them are unconscious like what happened to you that you simply started to notice your body and breathing like never before.
      I am sure that even if you start with simple 5 minute poses every day you will feel the change, I am not sure how long it will take you to feel it because yoga is very individual. But you can try out these simple yoga poses for beginners or you can use some online short 10 minute lessons.
      I hope you will give yoga a second chance 🙂
      Yoga Poses

  • Vince

    Great post Paulina. If anyone doesn’t take up yoga after reading all these benefits, they’d be crazy.

    Although I’ve only been doing yoga for a few months, I’m already getting so many of these benefits. Thanks for providing all these great resources in one place.

    I can say first hand that the 5-minute beginner courses are a perfect way to start.

    • Paulina

      Hi Vince,
      Yoga has many benefits and as you said even a short 5-minute routine can go a long way.
      You can also find here some online 10-minute and 30-minute yoga classes for beginners.
      I wish you all the best!

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