What is The Tree Pose
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What is The Tree Pose

Stand Straight

Sometimes when I notice that I have been sitting too much time in front of my computer, working nonstop without taking a break, I get up and make myself a cup of tea. When I return to my desk, just before I sit down and start working What is The Tree Poseagain I take a few breaths in the Tadasana Pose. I wanted to add something to my routine so I checked what is the tree pose, and it turns out that it’s a great standing pose that strengthens the spine and improves balance and I can do it quite well.

According to Harvard Medical School having a good poster is very important to your health and is very easy to achieve with simple exercises, this is one of the reasons I would like to tell you what is the tree pose and how you can benefit from this simple posture.

The “core muscles” of the back, side, pelvis, and buttocks form a sturdy central link between your upper and lower body. Weak core muscles encourage slumping, which tips your body forward and thus off balance. Strong lower leg muscles also help keep you steady when standing

The tree pose in Sanskrit is Vriksasana which is made of two words ‘vriksa’ meaning tree and ‘asana’ meaning posture. This is a great balance exercise and it is totally fine to fall out of this posture, it takes the time to get to know your balance point but once you do it feels great.

Standing Tips

  • Start in the Tadasana Pose (press the link for information on how to stand in this pose).
  • Shift your weight to your right leg (it doesn’t matter which one).
  • Lift your left leg and while bending your knee.
  • Place your left foot on your inner right thigh as high as you can. (If this is too difficult then you can lower the left foot until it becomes comfortable).
  • DO NOT PLACE FOOT ON KNEE. Place the foot above or below the knee.
  • Bring your palms together in front of your heart (hands-folded position or Namaste mudra). Or you can lift your arms above your head.
  • Look straight ahead, find a spot and keep a steady gaze.
  • Keep your spine straight.
  • BREATH and SMILE 🙂
  • Stay in this posture for 30-60 second while breathing deeply and relaxing the body.
  • Gently release the left leg and stand again in the Tadasana pose.
  • Repeat now standing on the left leg and raising the right foot to your inner thigh.

You can check out this explanation by Adriene:

Beginners Tips

  • If you find it hard to balance, you can use a wall to support you, or lean your back completely on the wall to gain more support.

    What is The Tree Pose
    Here I am trying to keep my balance but am about to fall, too bad I don’t have the ‘after’ photo.

  • You can put your foot on your ankle or inner calf, and as you practice you can lift you lifted let higher on your standing leg.
  • It’s OK to fall! I sometimes get out of balance and is totally fine, I just start over and find my spot again.

I think it’s important to listen to your body and find out the best standing position for you. Please don’t try to go ‘all the way’ on your first try, begin easily with your lifted knee on your ankle and slowly lift it until you feel steady and comfortable. Remember that yoga isn’t about trying to be as flexible as you can, it’s about respecting your body and doing the poses with ease and enjoy the stretch.

I Used To Do This Pose Without Even Knowing

I used to do this pose a lot when I was a child without even knowing that I was doing a yoga posture, I would do the dishes while leaning one the leg on the other or when I was talking to someone I would find myself standing in this pose. It’s kind of funny when I remember it now, I didn’t even know what yoga was yet I would do Tree Pose all the time. I wonder how much other yoga poses I had done without even noticing.

The Tree Pose is known for its help in improving balance, concentration, strengthening the ankles and calming the mind. I find that when I’m in this posture and concentrating on my breath I feel very calm and relaxed but in the same time very much engaged as my whole body is working on my posture and balance.

I recommend you try this posture out, it won’t take you more than a minute for each leg. 😉

I Would love to hear from you if you have tried the Tree Pose before and if you found it easy or difficult? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.



  • rebecca cosmidou

    It seems that it is a great pose! I think that I would be able to do it right as long as I follow your instructions. I am about to start practicing yoga and I think that it would be good for me to start practicing and following your posts. I was on a trip so I haven’t started practicing yoga yet! I have already told you that I am recovering from breast cancer and I am about to finish my treatment. All I need is something that would help me stay fit and strong in order to keep cancer away! So what do you think? Is yoga an appropriate method to stay fit and healthy? 🙂
    Best wishes,

    • Paulina

      Hi Rebecca,
      My thoughts are with you and I hope that all may go well with you soon. I can only imagine that the recovery would be life-changing and I hope you will find yoga as a good relaxation option. I do believe that yoga can help us become more calm and relaxed, learning to accept our body and live in the moment 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story and I hope to hear about your yoga improvements soon 😉

  • Greg

    Thanks’ Paulina, I never tried the Tree Pose before, but your right it feels really good. It’s a little hard to keep my balance, so I’ll just have to keep at it.

    • Paulina

      Hey Greg! If you practice a few more times you will definitly see improvement 🙂 I’m happy you tried it out!

  • Ravi

    Hey Paulina,

    Great explanation of the Tree Pose.

    You know today at the gym I tried it and ….well….I FELL! I underestimated it thinking it would be easy! So I retried but holding on to a piece of equipment for support.

    Got a nice burn on the leg muscles to. I would try to gradually increase my balance.


    • Paulina

      That’s awesome Ravi! I’m glad you gave it a try 🙂 and it totally fine if you fall out of a yoga posture because the important thing is to get back up and try again!

  • Anna

    Thanks for sharing this Paulina. My father used to do yoga every morning and he did things like: “greeting the sun” . I remember that one very good. I love the sentences they use in yoga too, like “the tree pose”. It sounds really good to me, though it looks difficult to do 🙂 I will try some of you exercises, because you are right, we have to move.

    • Paulina

      Hey Anna, It nice to learn that your dad liked to do the Sun Salutation (is what you meant 😉 ), I really hope that you give it a try and enjoy the posture.

  • Moon

    The Tree pose is actually one of my favourite pose as it is relatively easy to do but very effective for the spine. I actually recommended this pose to several of my friends who suffers backache and office-work related pains. For people who cannot keep the balance, leaning against the wall is a good suggestion, and it works just as well in straightening our spine.

    • Paulina

      Leaning against the wall is a great way to start out is balance is a problem and I agree with you that people who sit a lot in front of the computer can really benefit from this pose. Thanks for the comment. Paulina

  • Kristen

    Hey Paulina,

    This is a great post. I have terrible balance; I’m not kidding, it’s bad. It is nice to know that I am not the only one who falls over sometimes. Other than using the wall for support, can you suggest any other poses that will help improve my balance?


    • Paulina

      Hey Kristen, I know that the Tadasana is one of many poses that can improve balance (even though it may not seem that way). I will be posting about more yoga poses that are good for balance so stay tuned 🙂 .

  • Penny

    Oh that’s so cool that you did this pose as a kid naturally. I LOVE tree pose, haven’t done it for awhile but this is a great reminder of a way to break up my epic bouts of sitting in front of the computer. It’s pretty much the perfect counterbalance to the zombie slump, thanks for the inspiration!

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