What is The Locust Pose
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What is The Locust Pose – With Pictures And Video

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The Locust Pose – A Beginners Backbend

If you would like to know what is the Locust Pose in yoga then you have come to the right place. This pose is known as a great backbend for beginners, there are many variations for this pose and here you will be reading about the beginners variation for the locust pose. This pose isn’t very easy and if you have any back or neck injuries then it is not recommended to try this pose, as it requires effort from those body parts.

If you are practicing at home you can always use a blanket or a towel to make yourself more comfortable by placing it under the hips. Keep on reading to find more about what is the Locust Pose in yoga.

Benefits of The Locust Pose

Many yoga poses, including this one, can help with improving one’s flexibility. In this pose you will feel your back working as well as your chest and arms, this pose helps strengthen the muscles of the back and also the thighs.

When you will try this pose you will immediately notice your body ‘thanking you’ for this stretch, because after a long day at work in front of a desk, or after a long run, this stretch can feel like you are waking your body up.

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The Locust Pose Steps

Step 1 – Begin on all fours.

What is The Locust Pose Step 1
What is The Locust Pose Step 1

Step 2 – Lay on your belly and rest your cheek on the ground.

What is The Locust Pose Step 2
What is The Locust Pose Step 2

Step 3 – Lift your chest. (You can look at the ground or up straight).

What is The Locust Pose Step 3
What is The Locust Pose Step 3

Step 4 – Lift your legs off the ground while the palms of the hands are facing down. (Keep your feet together or at hip-distance apart).

What is The Locust Pose Step 4
What is The Locust Pose Step 4

Step 5 – Raise your arms parallel to the floor. (Stay in this position for about 5 breaths)

What is The Locust Pose Step 5
What is The Locust Pose Step 5

How to Get Out of This Pose

Gently release your feet and chest back to the ground and come to The Child’s Pose.

What is The Locust Pose Relax
What is The Locust Pose – Relax

Beginners Tips

The most important thing to remember when you try a new yoga pose is to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Your body knows best what is good for it, if you feel any pain during this pose then you should back out of it and try to modify it, you can try using a towel or a blanket placed under your hips or belly for more support or you can keep it simple by:

  • Lifting the chest only, leaving the feet and arms on the ground.
  • Lifting the chest and feet while leaving the palms of the hands on the ground.
  • Keeping the gaze towards the floor instead of lifting it straight.

As you can see there are many different variations that you can do with this pose that will make it easier and more enjoyable. You can check out what feels best for you and always remember not to push yourself too hard because yoga is about being calm and respecting your body.

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Have You Tried The Locust Pose?

The first time I tried to do the Locust Pose I felt like I have to do this pose some more! It gives me a great feeling in all parts of my body and I also can feel how it strengthens my back muscles and wakes up my whole body.

Have you ever tried to do this pose? If you have, how did it feel? And if you haven’t, would you give it a try?

I would love to know what you think, so please leave me a comment in the box below and I will be happy to reply.



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