What is the Cobra Pose in Yoga Step 4
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What is the Cobra Pose in Yoga

The Cobra Pose

If you would like to know what is the cobra pose in yoga you have come to the right place. The Cobra Pose in Sanskrit is Bhujangasana, Bhujanga meaning Snake and Asana meaning Pose. It is a great pose for beginners and for everyone who would like to strengthen the spine and shoulders while gaining more flexibility in the spine.

I like this pose and love to do it mainly in the morning, it gives me a great stretch and wakes up my body and spine after I wake up from my good night sleep. If you would ask me to tell you what is the cobra pose in yoga in one sentence I would probably say that it is a backbend that energizes the body, strengthens the buttocks, abdomen, and shoulders.

Relatively Easy Pose

Each pose in yoga has its own benefits and each pose has its own modifications. In the Cobra Pose, like in many other poses, the difficulty level depends on your body and your abilities to perform the pose. In this pose, it is very important to work from the shoulders and not to push up with the hands.

If you are new to this pose it will probably take some time until you will be able to lift your body up, but keep in mind that it is more important to work slowly and efficiently, using your shoulders and not your hand, eventually you will be able to see great results.

May yoga poses can be done in less than 10 minutes and will give you great results. This is one of them. It is recommended to stay in this pose for about 30 seconds and repeat it as many times you wish.

The Cobra Pose Tips

  • Begin with laying on your belly with your forehead touching your yoga mat.

    What is the Cobra Pose in Yoga Step 1
    What is the Cobra Pose in Yoga Step 1

  • Press the tops of your feet into the ground, with your feet a few inches apart.
  • Place your hands under your shoulders.
  • Press your shoulder blades together.
  • Inhale and slowly and gently lift your chest and head up from the ground.
    What is the Cobra Pose in Yoga Step 2
    What is the Cobra Pose in Yoga Step 2

    What is the Cobra Pose in Yoga Step 3
    What is the Cobra Pose in Yoga Step 3

  • IF you are able to, try and grow even taller and straighten your arms (without pushing the ground with your palms, use only your shoulders and spine to stretch).

    What is the Cobra Pose in Yoga Step 4
    What is the Cobra Pose in Yoga Step 4

  • Hold this pose for about 30 seconds and release again to the starting position, laying on your belly with your forehead touching the ground.

Check this great explanation by Adriene

Beginners Tips

  • Don’t force yourself into this pose, if it is too difficult or you can’t lift your head as high as you would like to, it is completely fine to stay low and do the best you can. Don’t push yourself to the limits and listen to your body.
  • Try not to press up with your palms, but use your shoulder and back to feel the great stretch in your spine.
  • It is important to breathe slowly and comfortably during this pose. If you feel that you can’t breathe easily then try to lower your back and stay in a low baby cobra.
  • Try keeping your gaze to the ground and not upwards and see if this feels better.

My Cobra Pose Experience

I love to do this pose mainly because I can see the progress I am making with every time I practice it. At the beginning, I found it very difficult to lift my head very high so I kept my gaze to the ground and concentrated on my breath and tried not to use my hand to lift myself up.

I do believe that this is a good yoga pose and it is very beneficial to everyone who wants to create flexibility in the spine and to those who are looking to ease back pain and reduce stress.

Have You Ever Tried The Cobra Pose Before?

I would love to know if you ever tried this pose before and how did it feel? Were you able to breathe easily and comfortable during this pose? If you haven’t tried this pose, would you consider trying it? Let me know in the comments below and I will be happy to reply.




  • Hari S Nair

    Yes, I have tried the cobra pose as it was a part of the Yoga that I learned a couple of years ago and I was able to do it quite comfortably. It is really an easy pose compared to the other ones, but one has to do it correctly.
    You are now providing pictures by performing it and I think that is really a very good idea because it really helps people to do it the right way. Good to see that you are enjoying your yoga practice so much these days Paulina, your blog inspires me.
    Btw..I think your dog might have learned a lot of yoga by now because he is observing you so closely when you are practicing the asanas…lol..
    Loved this post

    • Paulina

      Hey Hari,
      Thank you so much for your kind words! I am glad to hear that you find the pictures helpful and I’m thinking of maybe training my dog to do some yoga poses just for the fun of it… lol 🙂

  • Manika- Nia Dixon

    Omg! I love your site, love this post, love the cobra pose and love how you have a Yoga with Adrienne video because she is who I do yoga with every morning! Really stellar work here in your explanation and with all the photos, I loved reading this! I have a question for you do you think that yoga can be done properly without a yoga mat?

    • Paulina

      Thanks Manika! I am so happy to hear that you love my posts 🙂
      Regarding your questions about yoga mats, there are some yoga poses that can be done without a yoga mat such as the Tadasana and the Utkatasana, but I like to use a yoga mat mainly because the floor might be too cold for my bare feet or if I am in a sitting posture then sitting on the floor won’t be so comfortable. There are people who practice with no yoga mat at all but the majority use a yoga mat since it has many benefits (one being to prevent slipping). I hope this helps, you can also read a post I wrote about a ‘green’ non-toxic yoga mat.

  • Ravi

    Oh my…lovely pose! Looks like a cobra!

    I tried it today….oh my….it gave me such a stretch on the spine. Plan to incorporate this daily before I weight train and after also.

    Have never felt such a good stretch on the spine before! It’s also looks easy in the pics and video…but can be challenging as I found!

    Great pose!


    • Paulina

      Hey Ravi,
      I am so happy so hear that you enjoyed the Cobra Pose! It really does get easier, the more you will practice the more you will feel the change in your body 🙂
      Here are some links to more yoga poses and exercises.

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