What is The Bridge Pose Step 3
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What is The Bridge Pose

Stretching The Spine and Strengthening The Legs

What is The Bridge Pose Step 1
What is The Bridge Pose Step 1

I love this pose because it gives me a great stretch to my spine, neck, shoulders and I don’t have to use a mat for this pose (but I usually do). What is the bridge pose and why I love it is because of the fact that it’s a little bit difficult for me to stay in this pose (weird right?) because then I need to concentrate on my breath and not give up after a few seconds. I always try to stay in this pose a little after my brain tells me to quit because most of the time my mind wants to quit before my body and I need to work harder to hold a little longer.

What is the Bridge Pose by definition? It is a translation from the Sanskrit word Setu Bandhasana, Setu meaning Bridge, Bandha meaning Lock and Asana meaning Pose. As you can see is the photo, this pose resembles a bridge and hence the name Bridge Pose. You can imagine a river flowing under you while your spine is acting as a bridge.

Who Shouldn’t Try This Pose

What is The Bridge Pose Step 2
What is The Bridge Pose Step 2

Please always consult a doctor before beginning any new exercise that you have never done before, it is always important to respect your body and if there is some health issue that you are not sure of then you should check it out immediately. In regards of the Bridge Pose if you have any neck, back or shoulder injuries it is not recommended to do this pose as it is very intense on the shoulders and spine.

Nevertheless, if you are in a yoga class with an experienced teacher then you can count on his or her knowledge to tell you if you should do this pose or not.

If you do not have any history of injuries in the past then you can try this pose out and see how you feel. If while you are in this pose you are feeling a good stretch then that is great, but if you ever feel pain then get out of the pose or try to modify it. Yoga is about our personal experience in each pose and we should never feel any pain, only good physical and mental stretches.

The Bridge Pose Tips

What is The Bridge Pose Step 3
What is The Bridge Pose Step 3
  • Start by laying down on your back.
  • Bend your knees and place your feet on the floor.
  • Keep your legs hip distance apart.
  • Place your arms beside your body with the palms facing down.
  • Gently lift your buttocks from the floor.
  • Slowly roll your shoulders underneath your body.
  • You may interlace the fingertips if you can.
  • BREATH and SMILE 🙂
  • Stay in this pose for 30-60 seconds and concentrate on your breath.
  • Gently release the pose.

You can check out this explanation by Adriene:

Beginners Bridge Tips

What is The Bridge Pose Beginners Tip
What is The Bridge Pose Beginners Tip
  • You can place your hands above your buttocks for support or you can use a block if you have one.
  •  You can place a blanket under your shoulders to ease the stretch on your neck.

Remember so have fun and enjoy the experience of stretching your spine, chest, and neck. Pay attention to your breathing and notice how you can become more calm and relaxed with a few simple breaths. Don’t let your mind give up and try to stay in this pose for a few extra breaths after you mind tells you to quit.

Yoga With Friends and Family (or Pets)

You don’t have to use a yoga mat for this pose and you can practice this posture at home with your partner and kids or even with your pet! My dog loves my yoga mat and the minute I took it out she came and wanted to play with me, it’s really fun to have company while I’m practicing my yoga, it makes me happy and I enjoy my yoga routine more.

The Bridge Pose With My Dog
The Bridge Pose With My Dog

Sometimes my husband will join me for a 30-minute yoga routine and it’s really fun to have him stand beside me while we both do the postures, there is something nice about having company when practicing yoga, that’s why I like to go to yoga classes. It’s good to practice with friends and to have the company and support of others, but also practicing alone has its benefits.

Have You Ever Tried This Pose?

This posture is relatively easy and you can modify it to your body, I would love to know if you ever tried this pose and what you thought of it? Was it difficult? Was it easy? Did you manage to stay for more than 30 seconds or did your mind give up before your body?

Let me know in the comments below and I would love to respond 🙂 .



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