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Meditation Cushion

The first few times I tried to meditate, the most difficult part for me was to find a comfortable place to sit still. I would try to sit on a yoga mat or on the floor and also on some blankets but I still couldn’t find the right position for me to sit in, without thinking of my back aching or my legs hurting. A great solution for this kind of problem is a meditation cushion, also known as “Zafu”, and in this post, you will be reading a little bit more about some meditation cushions by Zafuko.

There are different ways to meditate but they all have the same important aspect of sitting comfortably. Because it can be very difficult to sit still and focus only on your breath while you’re constantly moving and trying to find a better position to sit. There are also different kinds of meditation cushions that you can use but today I would like to share with you the meditation cushions by Zafuko.

Why do I Need a Meditation Cushion

If you have ever practiced meditation then you know how important it is to get to a comfort level where you can simply close your eyes and relax. Moving from side to side, turning and trying to find a better position can get really frustrating when all you really want to do is get into a calm and relaxed state of mind.

Our bodies aren’t completely flat or curved in a specific way, this is why we may feel discomfort while sitting on the floor or on a flat surface. Zafu meditation cushions, as well as yoga blocks or pillows, can greatly improve your posture and comfort during your meditation session.

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What Is Zafu

The word “Zafu” comes from the Japanese language meaning a round cushion usually used in Zen meditation. It is a seat that is stuffed with fluffy material and when you sit on it with your legs crossed your hips rise which makes the seating posture more comfortable. The word is also widely known as a “meditation cushion”.

What is Zafuko

This is a company that distributes zafu meditation cushions in the USA, their meditation cushions are handmade in Thailand of a natural material called KAPOK, which is a special tree that produces a cotton-like fiber.

Different Kinds of Meditation Cushions By Zafuko

Zafuko Zabuton Rollable Meditation Cushion

Zafuko Meditation Cushion
Zafu Image From
Zafuko Meditation Cushion
Zafu Image From

Price: 21.95$


100% Cotton

Color: Black/Red or Blue

Dimensions: 15.7″ x 15.7″ x 1.6″

This Zefuko meditation cushion can be rolled or folded to the thickness of your choice, it all depends on your own flexibility and comfort while you meditate or use this zafu just for sitting.

Zafuko Zafu Foldable Meditation Cushion

Zafuko Meditation Cushion
Zafu Image from
Zafuko Meditation Cushion
Zafu Image From

Price: 30.95$

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Color: Black/Red or Orange

Dimensions: 15.7″ x 16″ x 3″

This foldable zafu meditation cushion can be folded into half and create more comfort while you sit in it. It also has two straps to hold it firm while you sit and you can use it carry the zafu wherever you like.

What Do You Use To Get Comfortable When You Meditate?

When you meditate do you sit on the floor or on a thin blanket or yoga mat? Do you use a pillow? Or do you simply sit on a couch? I would love to know what methods you use to make yourself comfortable while meditating.

I am still figuring out what my favorite position is, I used to sit on a yoga mat for a while and now I simply sit comfortably on my couch 🙂

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the box below and I will be happy to reply.


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  • Ruby

    The first time that I saw this idea. It blew my mind away. I could really rely upon this. This is super helpful for me and my further investments in yoga.

    • Paulina

      Hey Ruby,
      I’m happy to know that you found this post helpful.
      If you meditate then this could be a very nice solution for your meditations 🙂
      What is Yoga Meditation

  • Vince

    Over years of meditating, I have tried many seats, pillow and mats. Its hard to find the right firmness and height for pillows. The Zafu I have used before and its perfect. And also portable.

    • Paulina

      Thanks Vince,
      The Zafu meditation cushion is popular among meditation seats and I am happy to know that you are satisfied by it. 🙂

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