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Less Than 30 Minutes of Yoga Exercise

If you are looking for short yoga routines then there are many ways you can practice, you can go online and find dozens and dozens of online tutorials that explain specific yoga poses and postures.

Focus on One Pose

You can choose one specific pose to focus on and practice that for 5-10 minutes. There are many great tutorials on youtube and you can also check my own tutorials here:

The Eagle Pose

What is The Eagle Pose - Step 5
The Eagle Pose


The Chair PoseWhat is The Utkatasana

The Locust Pose

What is The Locust Pose Step 4
The Locust Pose


The Cat Cow Pose

The Cat Cow Pose


Legs Up The Wall Pose

What is the Legs Up The Wall Pose Step 3
Legs Up The Wall Pose


And More Poses Here

You can check an online short lesson (that isn’t free) like these:

5 Minute yoga routine

10 Minute yoga routine

30 Minute yoga routine

If you are looking for something easy that you can do at home, I would definitely recommend all of the above, I like to focus every once in a while on a specific pose and learn it better. At other times I like to create a flow between the poses and this is where the online lessons come in handy.

Try it Out

If you are new to yoga you can start out with as little as 5 minutes a day and I hope I was able to give you some information about the options you have to practice yoga in less than 30 minutes.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comment box below and I will be happy to reply.



  • Ruby

    I think that this is very useful. I can see that you have worked very hard and did an amazing job on giving me a different perspective on yoga. This will help me because I have been looking at your site for some time now and it’s so helpful.

    • Paulina

      Hi Ruby,
      Thank you for your kind words, I am happy to know that you are enjoying my blog posts and I hope you will get a chance to practice some yoga 😉
      You can find some useful yoga practices here:
      Practice Yoga

  • Amber

    This post really made me want to move. I pressed on some of your posts and did a couple of those poses you showed. It took me about three minutes because I am not a pro and didn’t know the exact time I had to hold for each pose. Are there any poses that you really enjoy doing? Is there a special routine you have that you could share with me?

    • Paulina

      Hi Amber,
      What I love about yoga is that there are no rules and you can stay in a pose for as much time as you wish, listening to our body is the most important thing in yoga. Some poses I can stay in longer while other poses I need to take a break after a few seconds.
      I love practicing the Sun Salutation, I don’t have a video of it yet but I will make one in the future.
      In the meanwhile, you can simply choose one or two poses that you like and try to move between them and see how it feels.

  • Joanne Loch

    Thanks for this post. i do need to resume some daily yoga, and this has made me think that it needn’t take up too much of my time.

    I do like a simple article, but I also like to know a few more specific health benefits for each pose if there are any more?

    Keep blogging!

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