Is Yoga Good For Weight Loss

Modern Weight Loss Techniques

If you are thinking to yourself is yoga good for weight loss? Then you have probably also thought about the common way people lose weight these days, eat less and burn more. Most people go to the gym and train in aerobic and anaerobic exercises, whether it is running, weight lifting, swimming or basketball. These sports are a great way to help one lose weight, but is yoga even considered a sport? (read about it here) is yoga considered aerobic or anaerobic? (read about it here). These are not the topics of this post but it has been proven that yoga has many health benefits and that everyone can do it at any age and anywhere.

A short answer to the question is yoga good for weight loss would be YES, because when practicing yoga you not only use your body and strengthen your muscles but you also use your mind and become mindful and respectful to your body, you will be more aware of you posture throughout the day, you will notice what food you choose to eat and learn to respect your body.

How Yoga Can Help Loss Weight

Yoga is about becoming aware of your our body, concentrating on your breath, on your Pranayama. When you become more mindful of your body and start to respect it, you will notice that throughout the day you will find yourself thinking about your posture and reminding yourself to straighten your back and walk straight. When I started to practice yoga daily I noticed after only five days that whenever I walked or even stood I noticed that my back was bent and I needed to stand up tall. It was an amazing experience because I always tried to be aware of my posture before but only after practicing yoga had I really truly noticed and was mindful enough to change my posture.

You will also notice your breathing throughout the day and when your breathing will be ‘shallow’ you will notice it and question yourself ‘how am I feeling in the current moment?’. This mindfulness can also create an awareness regarding the food that you are consuming you will be more respectful to your body next time you decide what you eat for lunch.

How Many Times Do You Need To Practice Yoga To See Change

Jennifer Niles talked about her personal experience with losing weight with yoga exercises and she says that she had lost about 85 pounds in less than one year while practicing yoga between six and seven times a week, each yoga practice was about 60 minutes long. She also combines her yoga practice with a healthy plant-based diet.

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It all depends on how committed you are to the process, if you are looking to lose weight but are willing to practice only one hour a week then results will take much more time to be seen. But if you practice six times a week, each yoga lesson being 60 minutes or so you will definitely be able to see a change in your body and mindset.

What is the Pigeon Pose Step 2

Find a Partner or A Yoga Class

The best motivation to keep on going when you don’t feel like it is having someone with you along the journey. If you can find a friend or someone with a similar goal as you, then it will be much easier to get on that yoga mat because you know your friend is waiting for you and is counting on you to show up.

If you can’t find someone to train with, then you can always practice yoga at home and watch yoga lessons online. There are many yoga courses that you can find online, I did the Ashtanga Yoga For Beginners and you can read my full review in the link, or you can try signing up to a site that provides many different yoga courses with one membership. I tried many lessons and found them useful, you can read about my experience with Yoga For Beginners Course.

Find a Good Yoga Instructor

If you have a yoga studio near your house, it would be a good idea to go to a few yoga lessons and check it out, see if you like the way the instructor teaches the yoga lessons. Because it is very important to have a connection with your teacher, I’m not telling you to be best friends but you have to feel comfortable in their class. My first yoga class experience wasn’t that good and only after I changed my yoga teacher I was able to enjoy yoga so much more. It is also always nice to have an expert teach you the poses and give you personal tips while you practice your yoga postures.

Don’t Think About What Other People Think

Be sure that when you enter that yoga class or when you practice at home, no one cares what you are wearing and no one cares if you are a beginner or an expert. If you fall out of a yoga pose no one will say a word because when you practice yoga you come to notice that everyone has their one limitations and their own pace, we all would like to become super flexible and be able to do perfect yoga poses.

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But the truth is that it takes time and for each of us that amount of time is different. So don’t worry about what you wear, come to your yoga practice with comfortable clothes, you don’t even have to wear special yoga pants, arrive as you are with motivation and good energy, remember that practicing yoga is supposed to be an enjoyable experience.

And Don’t Forget To SMILE 🙂

Have you ever tried yoga before? How was your experience? Would you give it a try? I would love to learn about your yoga experience so please leave a comment below and I will be happy to reply.



  • Hari S Nair

    You said you will find a change in your body and “mindset”, that’s what I love about yoga it works on all three levels i.e mind, body, and soul.

    I remember losing a lot of weight when I used to be consistent with my yoga practice but now I need to lose some weight again. A yoga instructor or company is essential for one’s motivation I know but yeah we can leverage the availability of so many online programs these days. Thanks for these tips 🙂

    • Paulina

      Hey Hari,
      You are welcome! And it can be difficult sometimes to stick with a plan or goal on your own so finding a partner is always good for motivation.

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