How to Learn Yoga at Home

How to Learn Yoga at Home

Yoga in the comfort of my own home

Usually when I see pictures online related to yoga the person might be at the beach while the sun is setting behind them as they pose, or at a wonderful exotic green garden with beautiful trees while the wind blows in their hair. But when I think about how to learn yoga at home I always recall upon my dog trying to lick my face as I try to concentrate on my Pranayama (Yoga Breathing).

The pictures we see online don’t mean that every time we want to practice yoga we need to find the most amazing garden or drive a few hours just to sit by the ocean (although that would probably be amazing), we can discover how to learn yoga at home without having to take care of to many logistics. All we really need is space, physically and mentally, time and commitment.

Create some space

One of the most important things to do before you start your yoga routine is to make sure you have enough space for you to move. You want to be able to stretch to all directions without bumping or knocking anything down. Try to find a spot in your house that you won’t be interrupted (in my case that would be my dog), that you will be able to concentrate solely on your yoga poses and on your pranayama.

If you have a mat that would be great, but if you still don’t own one that is also fine. There are many yoga poses and stretches you can do without a mat. (This is the mat I am using).

Decide what you want

When I learn yoga at home I usually have my computer opened with a video instruction and some background music (if there isn’t one in the video), that way I can feel as if I am in a yoga classroom in the comfort of my home.

Persistence is the key to succeeding in everything and also in yoga, you might decide to start with as little as a 10-minute practice once a week, or you might decide to do yoga every day. It doesn’t matter what stage you’re in, whether you are a beginner trying once a week or a professional yogi. Try to decide in advance what poses or exercises you want to do before you get on the mat, it is also completely fine (and recommended) to listen to your body once you’re on the mat to see what it is that you need right know.

Relax and Enjoy

The real benefit of yoga comes when you learn to simply relax and enjoy the practice. Don’t try to test your limits simply stretch until you feel comfortable, yoga is all about being in harmony with your body if you feel pain don’t continue with that pose and gently change to a different pose where your body feels good.

My personal yoga space at home

I live in a small apartment with my husband and dog, we don’t have much space that I can declare as “My Yoga Space” so I tried to improvise many times until I managed to find the perfect spot between the sofa and the door entrance.

How to learn yoga at home

I would love to hear about your favorite spots in the house for yoga.

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  • Cathy

    My favorite spot to do Yoga at home is actually in my own room. I have a 3 panel window that opens up to a bright morning sunshine which I feel gives a lot of energy to my practice.

    I also have some Devil’s Ivy planted by the side of the window so it makes me feel close to nature while I am doing my Yoga.

    Don’t feel limited by the space in your apartment. If it makes you comfortable, then that place is ideal for your practice.

    • Paulina

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I agree with you, yoga needs to be done in a place where I can feel comfortable and relaxed. It doesn’t really matter where.


  • Rob S.

    I used to take yoga years ago. Now I recently moved to Florida and I want to start again at home.
    Since I’m retired I have more time to practice yoga. I really liked it and now that I’m older it would help me more since I developed a few minor issues.
    I was thinking of taking a class again but now I’m undecided as to whether or not to try at home instead. What is your opinion on that? Is there an advantage as to one or the other?

    • Paulina

      Hi Rob,
      You can definitely try practicing yoga at home with many online yoga programs as it has many benefits, one being that you can do it whenever you want, in your own free time and in the comfort of your home.
      Practicing with a yoga instructor has also many benefits such as practicing with other people and meeting new friends, you can also ask your teacher questions during the lesson (which you cannot do if you are watching an online yoga lesson).
      I recommend trying a 10-minute yoga lesson and see how you feel. If you like it try some more different yoga lessons online and maybe even find a studio near your house where you can sign up for a yoga lesson. 🙂

  • Ravi

    Hey Paulina,

    Practical post and you got yourself a yoga dog there lol..

    I find that doing yoga at home is makes it convenient and people who are busy or stay-at-home moms or business owners can benefit from this effective and health giving practice.

    I used to do yoga at home years ago. I also had a small space but the beauty of yoga is that you can do it anywhere unlike other forms of exercise where you need space or equipment.

    Enlightening post which I am sure would nudge people to take up the practice as it is easier done at home!


    • Paulina

      Thanks for the comment Ravi! I love to practice yoga at home mainly because I can do it whenever I want and choose the specific practice that I want, sometimes I want to do a 30 minute yoga exercise instead of a a full hour lesson, and home is the best place for that 😉

  • Beryl

    I have never tried yoga before, and it is not for the lack of space. I do have a mat I could utilize and several rooms with ample space. I do however, have 2 sisters who do yoga and perhaps it is time to have them show me. I never really thought of trying it, but surfing around your website and reading all your great information, has peaked my interest.

  • rebecca cosmidou

    I think that I have to give yoga a try! But maybe is was not the right time since now! Lucky me I have a lot of space to do it but I have to decide to start! You see, I am recovering from cancer and although I know that some exercise is gonna be great I still feel a little bit tired and I just do not do it! Thanks for the instructions anyway! They are really useful! 🙂
    Best wishes,

    • Paulina

      Hey Rebecca, Thanks for commenting and I wish you a fast recovery and I hope you will be able to try yoga soon 🙂

  • Owain

    The key to this is to have peace while you yoga. For me that would mean my family popping out for a while. If I am committed to this I would need I would need total peace around the peace and not hearing daughter tearing up the place in the background.

    One other thing that comes to mind is the music that you play. Do you have any particular titles that you would recommend?

    • Paulina

      Hey Owain, I imagine finding a quite time at home could be difficult. You could try doing as little as 10 minutes a day and maybe even do it with your daughter (there is also yoga for kids, she might like it 🙂 ).
      Regarding the music it depends on my mood, if I am learning something new I prefer not to listen to music and focus on the poses. But if I am practicing a routine I already know I find something on YouTube and play it, I don’t have yet a playlist I love most, I’m trying them all out.

  • Jonathan

    I think this page just tipped me over to start doing yoga,
    somehow I couldn’t get the image of doing yoga at the park out of my head.

    What do you think is best: do yoga alone, with someone else or as a group?

    Thanks Paulina!

    • Paulina

      Hey Jonathan,
      I hope you’ll try yoga and tell us how it was 🙂
      Practicing yoga with other people gives a great feeling of togetherness, but also practicing alone has its advantages. I would say try with a group and then alone and see what’s better for you.

  • Greg

    I agree, making your own space in small places can be a challenge. That’s one of the reasons I don’t have a coffee table, otherwise I would just have to move it all the time. Now I have room for Yoga and many other things.

  • ScottG

    Hi Paulina,
    I had to laugh when I read your opening thought. I used to picture the beach or some exotic place to do yoga until my daughter started doing it.

    She had a small mat like the one you have, in her room. That’s it, nothing fancy. I’ve since gotten my own yoga mat and use it (well I think about using it) in my upstairs lounge. I really need to be more consistent and I like your idea about just starting with ten minutes.

    Is it best to try and fit in a yoga routine in the morning before the day starts? I’m not a morning person myself.

    • Paulina

      I’m glad I made you smile 🙂
      I think if you want to start a new habit the best thing to do would get it “over with” (sounds awful but sometimes true) first think in the morning, then you don’t have to think about it all day. Maybe you could start with practicing your Pranayama (yoga breath), concentrating on your breath and relaxing the body and mind. I hope you’ll find time to try it out 😉

  • jettaranda

    You are so right about finding your own space to do yoga. I went and bought a mat so I could do yoga at home, sometimes to make it feel like I am doing hot yoga I just turn up the heat. Although when I see people doing yoga online in beautiful places I feel it would be a real distraction. But then again that is my personal feeling. Thank you for the great article.

    • Paulina

      I guess it depends on your mood and how often do you have the chance to do yoga at a cool place like the beach or a park. For me I mostly do yoga at home because it’s the easiest, when I am out in nature I love sitting on the ground and enjoying the sounds, views and smells. 🙂


  • Elektra

    I like to do yoga in my spare room. It is not very big but I guess just enough space to do basic yoga moves. I know that when I close the door I can have a recharging break from kids playing loudly around and it is just enough to have a short escape. My best time for yoga thought is morning when everybody sill sleep 🙂

  • Nick

    I’m not too into yoga myself but a friend of mine does it all the time. If she has time I’ll tell her to check your website out. It has some really good info on here.

  • ches

    Like you, I have the distraction of dogs, or puppies to be exact. Ones that will not leave me alone, especially if I’m on the floor.
    When we bought our bungalow, we utilized every bit of space we could so nowhere was under used. That being the case, it is now very difficult for me to find enough space to put my mat!
    I’ve now resorted to using our oversized bathroom, the plughole for the open shower is a bit of a nuisance though! Ches

    • Paulina

      Hey Ches,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I understand how you feel, my dog always wants to join me when I’m on my mat and I have to find different ways (usually with treats) to get her to stay in her bed. I hope you find enough space in the bathroom to stretch 🙂


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