Dogs and Yoga

Dogs and Yoga – My Dog Loves My Yoga Mat

My Dog Loves My Yoga Mat

Dogs and Yoga
Dogs and Yoga

Every time I take out my purple yoga mat, my dogs eyes open wide and we both know what she’s thinking about. As I put the yoga mat on the floor she tries slowly but with much confidence to slip her palms on the mat. Usually, I put my mat on the floor and go back to my room to get a hairband and the second I turn my back, there she is, innocent and quite sitting (or laying) on my precious yoga mat.  I guess dogs and yoga were meant to be.

The other day I took out my yoga mat and she came running towards me with her tail wagging happily and I thought to myself, well here we go again. It’s a little bit difficult to do some of the poses when my dog is underneath me and she thinks that it’s play time. Maybe I should start calling it dogs and yoga time instead.

Sometimes she will lay on her back (on my mat), feet up as is saying “scratch my belly time!”. So I can’t resist and start playing with her and give her attention.

Downward Facing Dog – Dogs Are Experts

She’s a good teacher for some of the poses obviously. The downward and upward facing dog, she is definitely a pro. I love it when she stretches and does it naturally anytime she needs. She’ll stretch when she wakes up or after she has been sitting for a long time. It’s not like us, humans, we barely ever stretch, so seeing her doing it ALL THE TIME makes me want to stretch with her.

Dogs and Yoga
It’s my yoga mat now

I found come solutions as to how to get her to give me some space while I try to do some yoga exercises. The first thing I tried was to call her away from the mat, it worked perfectly until I walked up to the mat and she came right back to me. I tried also to get her to go to her bed with a treat and that worked pretty well until she finished eating the treat and came back to do some yoga with me.

Once I decided to take her for a long walk in the park where she could run free and get tired. that worked great! She fell asleep the minute we arrived home and I had the yoga mat all to myself.

All of these methods worked eventually but the best method of all was to simply ignore her. Now when I want to do yoga, I take out my mat and simply ignore my dog. If she tries to get on it I gently move her away and she gets the point.

Sometimes I like it when she comes to my mat and tries to play with me, it makes me so happy and my yoga practice becomes a joyful experience.

She is Helping Me with my Yoga

I like saying “she is helping me do yoga”. Well, I say that every time she gets in the way when I try to do something. “She’s helping me clean the floor” would mean that she is constantly going after every spot I just cleaned, or “she’s helping me wrap the presents” would mean that she is playing with the wrapping paper.Dogs and Yoga

But she is so filled with pure love that I could never get angry at her, I just enjoy her presence and unconditional love.

Do you have a dog? I would love to hear how they “help” you when you’re trying to do something, it might be yoga or anything else.



  • Jessica Verity

    Hi Pauline,

    Loved this post! I started yoga not that long ago and my labrador insists on licking my face whenever I am holding a pose, so your article resonated. I now appreciate that I can persevere and just keep gently re-directing her. It is working and she is now starting to lie down near me and seems to be getting equally relaxed.
    It makes me smile every time I watch her do her downward dog!
    Thank you,

  • Amber

    I agree with you, dogs do bring joy to our life. Dogs enjoy yoga mats a lot and I see that at my house with my own dog. I don’t practice yoga as much but whenever I do any kind of stretching or moves she decides to sit in the middle, so she could get all the attention. Usually, my family and I tell her to go to her bed or just sit on the couch, (she has her spot). I would love to see more posts about you and your dog maybe even a video.

    • Paulina

      Hey Amber,
      Dogs are the best! Especially when it comes to yoga with dogs 😉
      Thank you for your comment and I will definitely think about making a video with my dog.

  • Kevin McNamara

    Great post Paulina,

    I haven’t had a dog for many years but love what your dog is doing with yoga! I am sure she is good at meditation too! Haha. That is really beautiful and I do miss having a little bundle of joy around. Maybe I better look at getting one again although a little hard in our unit.

    Keep up the great posts! Love your work 🙂


    • Paulina

      Hey Kev,
      I do believe that having a dog is so much fun and can bring a lot of happiness and joy into your life. I love it when my dog ‘helps’ me with my yoga practice! haha 🙂

  • Ravi Ramcharan

    Hi Paulina,

    Lovely dog!!! Yoga dog lol…looks cute!

    My dog Zeus passed away 2 months ago…it’s sooooo heartbreaking….I cry everyday up to now…

    He used to watch at me doing pushups and all that sort of crazy stuff and even jumped on me a few times while I did it.

    Good doggie is getting some practice!


    • Paulina

      I’m sorry to hear that your dog passed away 🙁 I bet you miss him a lot.
      Dogs are wonderful and full of love, I hope that as time passes you’ll feel better.

  • Dennis Darragh

    Dogs are great companions and love to be involved in everything. I know that i get the needed exercise while walking my girl or playing with her. I have started yoga a couple times and never got going. I am going to check your beginners posts. Do you recommend it for a out of shape 64 yr old going on 16 man?

  • Maria

    lol, I love it. We have a 12 pound Fourche terrier and we are actually teaching her the trick of doing yoga by saying yoga and giving her a treat every time she stretches. I do so love how they join in when you’re trying to do things. I can’t do a work out video without our dog in the way, but I love it and laugh so we’re both getting exercise. Keep up the fun posts and great information.

    • Paulina

      Hey Maria,
      That’s a great idea! I want to try and teach my dog to do that trick also, I bet it won’t be difficult for her to the Downward Facing Dog 🙂

  • Hari S Nair

    Your post made me laugh and smile today morning Paulina, they are really good in doing yoga far better than us obviously. Your dog looks so adorable, their company definitely makes you move your body more than usual for sure, even I cannot get angry at my dog, he makes an innocent face after creating a mess that you cannot yell at him, I have a few times but then it is hard to not go back and embrace him.

    • Paulina

      I’m so happy to hear that I made you smile 🙂 I love my dog and she is so cute when she is trying to get on my mat, that I can’t resist it and just start playing with her.

  • Dalton

    This is good comedy! When I used to stretch with my dog around he was always licking my face. I couldn’t get a whole lot done. I guess you can’t blame these mongrels for trying to offer you a bit of love right?

    Who knows maybe she will start to mimic you in the future. Now that would be a sight to see!

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