Coming Home to Yoga

I have had times when I challenged myself to practice yoga every day for 30 days or promised myself that this time I will make it and I will be able to wake up early every morning and do 5 sun salutations. Needless to say that even if I had managed to achieve those goals they didn’t stick for long, I couldn’t make a habit out of it and that frustrated me.

Sometimes I try to aim high, all those motivational speakers keep telling us to dream big or fail forward, but they also forget to tell us to look at the bright side. So what if I couldn’t practice yoga for 30 days straight, what did I learn on the way – that is so much more important.

Dream Big – Fail Forward

After setting goals and counting achievements I have come to the conclusion that yoga for me isn’t just another task, it should be. Practicing yoga is a way of life, it is stretching and breathing even when I am waiting for the bus at the bus station or breathing consciously when waiting in line.

The opportunity to practice yoga is everywhere, no one is judging me except for myself.


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