Yoga and Meditation

Combining Yoga and Meditation

Yoga Practice

If you are reading this post then you probably know a thing or two about yoga, maybe you have been to a single yoga lesson or maybe you are practicing every day. It doesn’t really matter where you are on our journey exploring yoga, you know that practicing makes your body feel healthier and stronger, your mind calmer and more relaxed. Combining yoga and meditation can boost your practice to a higher level.

There are many different approaches to yoga and different ways to practice, there are no strict set of rules, only ancient history and teaching transferred from teacher to student. One can practice alone at home or at a studio with a dozen other students or in a yoga retreat with hundreds of yogis.

If you have tried yoga before then you know that deep feeling of connection with your body, your breath, your mind. Not everyone who practices yoga understands this feeling but once you do, you know that yoga has many more benefits than you originally thought.

Meditation Practice

Meditation, similarly to yoga can also be practiced in many different ways, one can focus only on the breath or repeat a mantra or keep one’s eyes focused on an object.

When meditating one can do it by themselves or sitting with a group of other meditators, there really isn’t a set of rules, it depends who taught you how to meditate and what technique you found was best for you.

The Meditation Technique I use

I personally learned Vipassana meditation as taught by S.N Goenka, and I have found it to be the most effective technique for me. Meditating teaches me a lot about my mind and what I am feeling in the present moment. For me, meditation is not only about sitting and focusing on the breath, but it is also a more deep and healing process.

Combining Yoga and Meditation

When practicing yoga, one can definitely combine aspects of meditation. During a yoga session or a yoga pose, one can concentrate on their breath and observe the feelings that arrive within, without judging or focusing on a specific feeling.

Being in the present moment, focusing on your breath while in a yoga pose can increase the feeling of connection and strength in your body while you practice and stretch.

  • While in a yoga pose – focus on your breath
  • If a thought comes to mind, (something like “This is hard”, “I cannot do this pose for much longer”, “What will I make for dinner”), just let it pass without giving it much attention
  • Be present
  • Smile

What are your thoughts about combining meditation in your yoga routine? I would love to know your thoughts, please leave a comment in the box below.



  • Natalie

    Hi Paulina,

    I really appreciate your suggestions for using meditation in yoga. I especially like your last one- to smile. That’s something that I’ve never thought to do whilst I meditate so I will be sure to incorporate this whether practicing meditation, yoga or both- I imagine it can help influence our mood and rewire our brain towards positivity, is this correct?

    Also would love to know, what is the difference between Vipassana yoga and normal? This is all very new to me so apologies if that’s a silly question. I also really like your idea of yoga retreats, I find generally I work best when practicing with other people so as not to get distracted. Have you ever been to one and can beginners go?

    Thanks so much for another lovely read 🙂

    • Paulina

      Hey Natalie,
      Meditation is something I think everyone should give a try, some people think it’s all about sitting quietly and thinking of nothing but actually it’s pretty amazing how many thoughts can come to mind, the magic begins when we let our thoughts be instead of fighting them to go away.
      I’ve been only to one yoga retreat in the past and I think it is very recommended even for beginners because you can choose which lessons to attend since they usually have many to offer.

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