Cheap Yoga Mat

Cheap Yoga Mats From Amazon – For Less Than 10$

Cheap Yoga Mats

So you are looking for cheap yoga mats from Amazon but there are so many different brands out there and it becomes very difficult to choose the right yoga mat. First of all, before I get into comparing the different mats I would like to tell you that if you are considering to use your yoga mat for more than a few weeks, you should read my post about Jade Yoga Mats that are considered one of the best yoga mats in the market as they are made from natural rubber and are eco-friendly.

You can find many different options for cheap yoga mats on amazon, so I decided to create a little summary for you so you could easily choose the mat that fits you the most.

Downsides of Cheap Yoga Mats

The biggest problem that I find with buying cheap yoga mats is that some of them are made out of imitation plastic and can sometimes be toxic, when you are in the midst of your yoga routine the last thing you want to be thinking about is if your yoga mat is releasing toxic into your air and while you are touching it. I don’t mean to scare you but this is why it is SO VERY IMPORTANT to know what material your yoga mat is made of.

Not all cheap yoga mats contain toxic material, but I noticed that many people rather buy high-quality yoga mats that cost a little bit more but are eco-friendly and have a higher quality. You will see in just a few moment as you continue reading that there aren’t many people who buy cheap yoga mats from amazon and they definitely prefer to go for the hight quality mats for 25$ or even 100$.

Beginners Yoga Mat

If you are just starting your yoga journey and are looking for a cheap solution for a yoga mat, then you can see here some of the options that Amazon offers. I really want you to have the best yoga experience and I don’t want you to be disappointed only because you bought a low-quality yoga mat. I want you to have the best experience there can be with yoga so I tried to summarize some options for cheap yoga mats from amazon and I hope this will help you decide which is best for you.

Cheap Yoga Mats


Kabalo – Non-Slip Yoga Mat (Non-Slip Yoga Mat with carrying strap, also for Exercise / Gym / Camping, etc)

Price – Between 6.50$ – 7.49 Depending on the color (+ 3.99$ shipping).

Material – Not mentioned

Thickness – Not mentioned

Size – 183 x 61cm

Colors – Purple, Pink, Green, and Blue.

Return Policy -Not mentioned

Customers Rating – 5/5 from 1 customer review.

This mat is not created especially for yoga so I don’t know how good it is because they offer it also for the use of camping.

I wouldn’t suggest you use your yoga mat also for camping. When you buy a yoga mat try to create a connection with it only in regards to yoga, then every time you see your yoga mat you will think about your next yoga exercise, and not your next gym training or your next camping outdoors.


All Purpose Pilates & Yoga Mat

Price – 9.95$ (+ 2.95$ shipping).

Material – Not mentioned

Thickness – 4 mm.

Size – 5’8″ x 2 ft

Colors – Pink (Blue and Purple are a more expensive at 14.95$).

Return Policy – Not mentioned

Customers Rating – 3.9/5 from 8 customer reviews.

This cheap yoga mat has received the most customer reviews for yoga mats under 10$ (on the day this article was published), it can be used for pilates as well as well as yoga. They also mention that this yoga mat is good for the gym, home exercises, and also outdoor activities, as I have written before I recommend using your yoga mat for yoga only and not any other outdoor activities like camping etc.


Yoga Mats, Baomabao

Price – 3.99$ (+ 2.49$ shipping).

Material – EVA.

Thickness – 4mm.

Size – 173 x 61 x 0.4cm.

Colors – Random color (Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, Pink).

Return Policy -Exchange, replace, or refund within 30 days of receiving the order.

Customers Rating – 4/5 from 1 customer review.


Start 6MM Thick Yoga Mat

Price – 4.99$ (+ 2.50$ shipping).

Material – EVA.

Thickness – 6mm.

Size – 173 x 61 cm

Colors – Blue, Orange, Pink. Purple.

Return Policy – Not mentioned.

Customers Rating – No Customer review.

EVA Material

EVA is ethylene vinyl acetate, a plastic that is made by combining ethylene and vinyl acetate, it is considered BPA free, soft and elastic. It is a safe alternative to PVC (Polyvinyl chloride – a plastic containing carbon, hydrogen, and chlorine). EVA is chlorine-free but still has many untested chemicals that don’t make it completely eco-friendly.

EVA mats are usually the ones that you use when you go camping and you put underneath your sleeping bag, they are usually too thick in my opinion for yoga purposes, it is usually less comfortable than the high-quality yoga mats.

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My Opinion

When it comes to a yoga mat, I think that the better your mat the better experience you will have with yoga in general. If you will buy a cheap-low-quality yoga mat then you might be disappointed when you slip from your mat or when you can’t get a good grip in you Downward-Facing-Dog Pose.

Please check the material of the yoga mat before you buy it, it will indicate the quality of the mattress and will help you decide what yoga mat is best for you.

If you are a beginner in yoga then these yoga mats that I mentioned above could be a good solution for you, but if you have a few extra $$ you might want to consider a high-quality yoga mat that will boost your yoga experience.

I hope I have helped you and if you have any questions please feel free to comment below or send me am E-mail to



  • wenda

    Thanks Paulina, I recently started an online yoga program and I thought I’d be fine just doing the yoga on my carpet, but I find the rug very slippery. I appreciate your post because it wasn’t clear to me the difference between the different yoga mats… except some were REALLY expensive and some weren’t. I never considered the “toxic plastic” aspect of the material. Thanks.

    • Paulina

      Hi Wenda, I am happy to hear that you found this helpful. It really is important to use a yoga mat although it is not a must, it gives you a better grip while you are doing your yoga poses. And you should also definitely check the material from which the yoga mat is made of. 🙂

  • Robert

    Hey Paulina,
    This article is so informative on what yoga mats to buy for home. It is really great that you also included the shipping prices too because usually the shipping isn’t shown right away. This is a great website!

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