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    Why Smiling in Yoga is So Important

    Keep Smiling I have heard somewhere that children smile about 300 times a day and adults smile about 20, I couldn’t find proof to that claim and maybe the numbers aren’t correct but it doesn’t surprise me that children smile more than adults. I think that maybe somewhere along the way we became more serious and began to smile less. Smiling in yoga and in our everyday life has a great value, it can boost our mood and energy and bring us from feeling low to high in a matter of seconds. Smiling in yoga isn’t less important than smiling in our day to day activities. Have you ever walked down the street…

  • Is Yoga a Sport
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    Is Yoga a Sport

    Is Yoga a Sport Yoga has probably been developed around 5000 years ago, and only in the past 50 years or so, it has been introduced to the western world. It has become very popular in the western world as a form of exercise and physical activity. However, in the Indian tradition, it is considered to be so much more than a physical activity, it is a spiritual experience while one learns to connect with the body and soul. Asking the question “is Yoga a sport?” can have different answers depending who you ask, so I will try to explain the definition of a sport and the aspects of yoga so…

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    What Should Be Your First Yoga Pose To Learn

    Now That You Have Decided To Try Yoga – What Pose Should You Do First? If you are reading this I am so happy to know that you want to check what yoga poses you can try first and what are the best first yoga poses to learn. Yoga is such a great physical and mental experience with many health benefits. When we practice yoga and concentrate on our breath we allow our mind and body to get into a relaxed mode and a relaxed state of mind, which enables us to be calmer. It also can help out flexibility and physical health, strengthening our muscles (each pose can strengthen…

  • Why Do I Wake Up Early To Do My Yoga Routine

    Why Do I Wake Up Early To Do My Yoga Routine

    I’m a Morning Person I know that many people aren’t exactly the morning type and you shouldn’t really talk to them when they wake up, it’s better to wait until after they had their cup of coffee. Well, I’m not that type. I love to wake up early and start my day when the sun is out, having as much daylight as I possibly can. I love it when I wake up early and to hiking with my husband and our dog when we get back home and it’s only 10 AM it feels like we have the whole day ahead of us and we already managed to get a…

  • Is Yoga Aerobic Or Anaerobic
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    Is Yoga Aerobic or Anaerobic

    A few days ago I was wondering, is yoga aerobic or anaerobic? So I decided to do a mini research to answer that question and write about it here for all of you who had the same question in mind. But before I will answer this question I would like to give a short background on what is exactly an aerobic and anaerobic exercise. This will help us answer the question, is yoga aerobic or anaerobic. What is an Aerobic Exercise As defined by The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) aerobic exercise is any activity that uses large muscle groups. Aerobic exercise is considered when ATP (adenosine triphosphate – a…

  • Health Benefits of Yoga Poses

    Health Benefits of Yoga Poses – Based On Research

    Yoga Is Good For Our Body If you have experienced some yoga in the past then you might have felt some of the health benefits of yoga poses such as relaxation, improvement in balance and posture, noticing our breath flow throughout the day. If you are new to yoga or aren’t sure if it’s good for you and don’t know whether you will like it or not, then I would like to tell you about a few great benefits you can get from practicing yoga (even if you practice as little as 10 minutes a day). In the past, there weren’t many researchers regarding the health benefits of yoga poses,…

  • Dogs and Yoga

    Dogs and Yoga – My Dog Loves My Yoga Mat

    My Dog Loves My Yoga Mat Every time I take out my purple yoga mat, my dogs eyes open wide and we both know what she’s thinking about. As I put the yoga mat on the floor she tries slowly but with much confidence to slip her palms on the mat. Usually, I put my mat on the floor and go back to my room to get a hairband and the second I turn my back, there she is, innocent and quite sitting (or laying) on my precious yoga mat.  I guess dogs and yoga were meant to be. The other day I took out my yoga mat and she came…

  • When is the best time to do yoga

    When is the Best Time to do Yoga

    Listen to your body Yoga is all about listening to our body, we all know how to tell if we feel tired, sore, energetic or relaxed. Once you know what your body is signaling, you can make your yoga practice a lot more enjoyable and beneficial. Choosing when is the best time to do yoga shouldn’t be a tough decision because if you are not a morning person, then it’s obvious that you will NOT get up at 05:30 AM to do your morning yoga routine. If you have to go to work early in the morning then it will be very difficult for you to find time in the morning…

  • My First Yoga Class Experience

    My First Yoga Class Experience

    The First One Wasn’t So Good When I was in my second year at University my friend kept begging me to come with her to this yoga class that she was going to once a week. She kept telling me how awesome it was but I always had an excuse why I couldn’t come. Finally, I agreed (because I found out that the first lesson was free and I didn’t need to commit to the long run), hoping that my first yoga class experience would turn out to be a good one. I didn’t do any research before I came and I wasn’t nervous or even expecting anything from this yoga…

  • How to Learn Yoga at Home

    How to Learn Yoga at Home

    Yoga in the comfort of my own home Usually when I see pictures online related to yoga the person might be at the beach while the sun is setting behind them as they pose, or at a wonderful exotic green garden with beautiful trees while the wind blows in their hair. But when I think about how to learn yoga at home I always recall upon my dog trying to lick my face as I try to concentrate on my Pranayama (Yoga Breathing). The pictures we see online don’t mean that every time we want to practice yoga we need to find the most amazing garden or drive a few hours just…