Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners,  Reviews

Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners – Online Yoga Course Review

ProductAshtanga Yoga Beginners Complete Set

Price:  58.65 AUD

Number of lessons: 7

The length of each lesson: Between 30 minutes to 65 minutes (depending on the lesson).

My rating: 9 out of 10

Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners, Online Yoga Course Review

As a beginner I really wanted to improve my understanding of yoga, I was looking for an online yoga course that would help me understand how to do the poses correctly and to learn new poses from scratch. I found this course from Live Yoga Life and decided to give it a try. On their website, I found some recommendation that seemed true but still, I was a bit skeptical as to how well can an audio course be, when the lesson is supposed to be about the body, am I not supposed to ‘copy’ the movement for the instructor?

I decided to give it a try and bought the online yoga course, within minutes I received an E-mail with a link to download all 7 lessons with PDF filled with photos of all the poses I was going to learn. There is an option to download the lessons from this link up to 10 times and after that, there is no access to the download. So I downloaded in once to my computer, saved it in one of my folders, that way I won’t have to worry that I will lose it.

I uploaded all the audio lessons to my iTunes and to my iPhone so I will be able to listen to the instructions with no problem. At a couple of first lessons, I used my computer to view the PDF but it wasn’t a good idea because I kept looking at the screen and I had to touch it most of the lesson so it won’t go into ‘sleep mode’.

Lesson number 4 was the one where I used a printed version of the PDF and that did a huge difference to my experience. I could finally concentrate on doing the poses and not touch the computer. But I did use the printed photos mainly for guidance during the lesson, just to make sure that I understood correctly what I was supposed to do.

During these lessons I learned how to listen to my body, I learned what yoga is really about. It’s about my individual experience and my connection with my body and soul. It might sound a bit weird to say that I have a better connection with my body but I really feel that way. At the beginning of this course, I constantly tried to make my poses look perfect, which was a big mistake because that only caused me to be tired and feel pain.

Once I started to pay closer attention to my body I felt amazing, every stretch was PERFECTLY PERFECT TO ME, and I started to really enjoy the yoga practices. After that, every lesson made me feel happy and ready for the day ahead of me.

Is This Course Really For Beginners? 

As a beginner myself, I can definitely say that this is perfect for those of you who want to try out yoga and learn how to do simple yoga poses. The instructor’s name is Yuki Nakazawa and his explanations are very good, every time there is a new pose to be learned he explains it slowly with many small, but important, tips.

I feel that now after I finished all 7 lessons I understand better the different poses and the emphasis or rest I need to give to each muscle.

I think that this course is NOT for people who already have some experience with yoga because the explanations are very slow and might be a little bit boring for those who already know this information.

How Can I Do The Poses Without Seeing The Instructor? – This is an Audio Course

At the beginning, before I even purchased the course I wasn’t so sure how my experience would be since I can’t see a ‘live’ teacher showing the correct way to do the pose and I can only listen to the instructions and occasionally look at the printed photos.

Now after I’ve done all 7 lessons I can definitely say that this was actually pretty cool, when I only hear what I am supposed to do I don’t have any pressure or desire to try and do the poses like the instructor. Usually, the teacher always does the perfect most flexible pose that I could never do (maybe in the future I will), and sometimes it can get frustrating. But when I only listen to what I am supposed to do I can easily find my personal perfect pose and really experience the true meaning of yoga.

Pros and Cons


  • Fast and easy download of the audio course.
  • Can download the course up to 10 times, so there is not much worry of you losing the course.
  • After you download this course you can save it for life and use it over and over again.
  • Great for beginners that want to get an easy start and introduction to yoga.
  • Easy to understand and follow the instruction of each pose.
  • Calm and nice to listen to the instructor’s voice.
  • An opportunity for beginners to learn the true meaning of yoga and how to listen to the body.


  • No personal corrections (like you can get from a real yoga class).
  • No option to see ‘live’ instructions during the lesson.
  • When learning new poses you I had to look at the photos to check my posture and that made me get out of the position I was in.
  • Sometimes the explanations are very slow and you have to stay in a certain position for a relatively long time (which gets tired and if you’re not patient it can also get boring).

Do I Recommend This Course?

After doing these lessons for the past seven days I feel an improvement in my motivation and confidence in approaching new yoga poses and trying new postures. The best thing that has happened to me thanks to this course was that I finally stopped trying to stretch myself to the limits, I will no longer try to copy the teacher’s poses and I will listen only to my own body.

I plan to continue and go over these lessons again as I think that 7 days isn’t enough and I would like to get more confident with my postures.

I would definitely recommend this course to those of you who are new to yoga and want to learn more about the basics. If you want to learn the basic Ashtanga yoga poses or if you simply want to learn yoga at home, I think this is a great place to start!

I hope that this summary of my experience will help some of you with your yoga journey, if you have any questions or thoughts I would love to reply, so please leave a comment below 🙂


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  • sabadar

    Hello Paulina would like to purchase a good yoga mattress can you recommend what and where to buy it
    Best Regards

  • Luc

    Hi Paulina,
    I was thinking to start myself with yoga (needed some convincing from my mother,hehe) but my time is limited. Is there also a course that is shorter in time , which I can do in let say 10 min in the morning or evening at home?
    Thanks in advance

  • Amber

    Hello Paulina,
    I enjoyed reading this recommendation vlog. I definitely want to start yoga in my life, because it seems very relaxing and that would help me from any stress. Pros and cons are very useful in these kinds of diaries. I will definitely take a closer look at this.
    Thank you

    • Paulina

      Hi Amber,
      I am glad that you found my vlog helpful and I really hope that you will try some yoga exercises soon 😉
      You can check out some more ways to practice yoga at my page here:
      Practice Yoga

  • Cathy

    Although I’ve practiced Yoga for years, I still find it challenging to learn from recorded training.

    With YouTube videos, it gets difficult when you are doing inverting poses and your eyes have to move away from the screen. With audio, I am more concern that I might misinterpret the instructions and end up with a different posture.

    My preference is still to attend live classes where you can practice with other girls and learn directly from an experienced teacher. Just my opinion though.

  • Andrei

    Great post, Paulina! Lately, I’ve been thinking about getting a new hobby. I believe that Yoga might be it! Thank you for taking time and writing this post in order to show us how to start from the very beginning. in your opinion, how many weeks should I practice those lessons before advancing to the next level?

    • Paulina

      Hi Andrei,
      Thank you for your kind words 🙂
      I think that once you finish these set of lessons you should check in with your self and see if these lessons are too difficult or you already got the hang of it. If you find the lessons easy then you can move on and try some more advanced lessons, but if you are still not confident and feel you should practice some more, then it is completely fine to repeat this course again and again until you feel it’s time to move to the next level.
      If you are looking for a short yoga exercise then you can always try a 5-minute yoga lesson.

  • jeffrey16201

    Interesting learning yoga or anything with an audio course, I suppose you would have to have very good listening skills to be able to follow along without being able to see an instructor. This would make you a much better listener as well, it would be a challenge and something new to try.

    • Paulina

      Hey Jeffrey, Yes you are right about that, learning yoga with the audio course is something unique to the yoga world. But surprisingly it has many benefits, I loved the fact that as I worked my way through the lessons I enjoyed more the fact that I didn’t have to look at anything and simply listen to the instructions and focus on my body.


  • Graham

    Hi Paulina, thanks for writing this great review. I have always wondered about Yoga and have often contemplated giving it a try, it does seem really relaxing and kind of like meditating. I can see what you mean by listening to the audio of the teacher. Often in classes that I have taken part in, I do spend more time trying to copy the instructor rather than doing what your own body can do. I think I might actually give this a go and finally see what it’s all about.

    • Paulina

      Hey Graham,
      That’s what I like about this course, that I don’t have to look at the instructor and instead focus only on myself and my own yoga experience. At the beginning it was a little bit weird to get used to, but by the end of the course I felt that it was pretty cool 😉

  • Krystle Zee

    This was a great review. The times I tried yoga, I watched YouTube videos and followed the instructions there; but I found that I was breaking my pose trying to look at the screen to check if I’m following correctly. So I think only audio and PDFs would be helpful to me; it will allow me to just focus on the pose I’m doing; I wouldn’t just be duplicating the pose.

    • Paulina

      That’s what I felt as well! When I was in a class or watching a yoga video online I would always try to mimic the instructor instead of simply relaxing and enjoying the routine 🙂 In this course it was a completely different experience because I only had to listen to the audio and to my body.

  • Dalton

    Hi Paulina,

    Good read. I think my biggest concern would be getting hurt myself… I know that sometimes being able to work through lessons with an instructor is probably my biggest benefit. It doesn’t seem like a possibility for me. I at least know I should not do it on my phone.

    If I do download this maybe I’ll hook my computer up to my TV and work through it that way. Who knows!

    Thanks for the thoughts,


    • Paulina

      Hey Dalton, I agree about learning live from a professional teacher has a lot of benefits! I like to go to yoga classes mainly because I can get live corrections and feedback. This online yoga course that I took is something completely different, as it is only audio (so you can see the teacher doing the poses, but there is a PDF file with the poses), it was a great experience for me as a beginner to learn how to follow the instruction while respecting my body and enjoying the yoga poses.

  • Kevin McNamara

    Hi Paulina,

    Another brilliant post. I agree with you. When I go to yoga class I am always worried the instructor will come over and move me into the right position haha! So just audio is a great idea 🙂

    Sounds like a great beginners audio. I will share on my social media.

    Thanks for a wonderful website 🙂


    • Paulina

      Hey Kev,
      I really enjoyed this audio course because I could concentrate on myself and my own body instead of trying to copy exactly what the teacher is doing, this was a great experience for me as a beginner, to learn my body’s limits.

  • ht

    Thanks for sharing and doing a review on this course. This is going to be great for someone considering Yoga as a form of exercise for them. Considering the time needed, I maybe considering others first but your review helps.

    • Paulina

      There are definitely many great courses online that you can choose from. I am glad to hear that my review of this yoga course helped you. 🙂

  • Penny

    Thanks for the great review of this yoga program! I love practicing yoga in the privacy of my home, and it sounds like you found a great way to make this specific beginner’s program work for you. The printed-out PDFs seemed to be key – because the trick is definitely to go inward, not to “screen” some more, hahaha.

    • Paulina

      Definitely! I love how this course gave me the opportunity to understand my limits with my body. At first I thought only about how I’m not flexible enough and how I need to stretch harder, but the real issue is to pay attention to my body and stretch according to it 🙂

  • keichenlaub


    It was so nice to read this and agree with what you’re saying. I am a wannabe beginner in yoga, and getting used to the moves at home with the audio tape sounds perfect for me! I would love this before going into a more advanced and intensive yoga studio. I also want to improve my anxiety with yoga practices. Are there other sessions after these 7 lessons? Thanks!:)


    • Paulina

      Hey Kelly,

      What I loved most about this course was that it was made especially for the beginner student, I have learned a lot about myself and about yoga during these lessons.

      Their site has many different courses and single lessons that you can download. Their price varies depending on the course/lesson that you want to take. Currently I can only recommend this course because it is the only one I have tried so far, but I guess that thier other courses are as good as this one. 🙂


  • Craig

    Hi Paulina, this is good. I have been looking for something like this. Can I ask you though, does the course cover things like breathing or is it only for poses? Is there any kind of age limit or can anyone try it?

    • Paulina

      Hey Craig,
      This course combines learning the basic poses of Ashtanga yoga together breathing correctly during each pose and between the poses. There is no specific breathing exercises in this course but I feel that this course has helped me better understand how to pay attention to my yoga breath.
      I believe that there is no age limit to this course because it is very individual, everyone can do this at their on pace. There is a great emphasis on listening to your own body throughout these lessons, so I believe that whoever chooses to try it will learn new things about themselves 🙂

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