Aashtanga Yoga For Beginners
Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners

Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners – Day 6 of 7

Today I did lesson number 6 of the audio program focusing on Ashtanga Yoga for beginners, from Live Yoga Life. In this lesson, I went over all the previous poses I learned (Sun Salutations and Standing Poses) with more confidence while listening to my body and staying in each pose the exact amount of time and stretch it needed.

My Goal in Yoga

This class is part of the Ashtanga yoga for beginners so it continues the flow of the previous lessons, introducing the Seated Postures that mainly work on flexibility and on the hamstrings. I love the explanations that the teacher (Yuki Nakazawa) gives and how he emphasizes the fact that our goal in yoga is NOT to be flexible but to stretch until it feels ‘good’ until the muscles can easily relax with no tension.

One-Hour Exercise

This lesson was 60 minutes long, more than the first couple of lessons that were around 45 minutes. I wasn’t ready for that so I was a little bit impatient and I found it harder to concentrate on my breath. I remembered that I read once that smiling can boost your energy and put you in a good mood (also in Yoga), so I forced a SMILE 🙂 for about a minute and it did the trick. I felt better and found the motivation and strength to continue with the practice.

The Poses get Easier to Follow

Doing the poses was easier today because I already knew all the names of the poses and how to align myself in the right position for each. I barely had to look at the photos so sometimes I let myself close my eyes and breath deeply while concentrating on the sensations in my body.

Finding Motivation and Being Consistent

Finding motivation to do these exercises every day isn’t so easy because I have to plan my day in advance if I know I have a 45-60 minute yoga lesson to do.  I try to do these lessons first thing in the morning (or maybe second), then I have my whole day ahead of me without thinking all day about ‘when will I do my yoga?’. It might not sound good, but sometimes it’s best to do it right away so I won’t find any excuses to why I didn’t practice today.

I guess that the same goes for every goal or desire that we have, if we set our minds to creating a habit, it might even take only 5-10 minutes every day, but the best thing to do is get it done FIRST.

I find that the more consistent I am with these exercises the better I get and the better I feel about myself and my motivation bar rises more. It’s like the snowball effect, I only need to start small and every day take one more step and eventually I will see improvements.

Tomorrow is the Last Lesson

Tomorrow is lesson number 7 and I can’t believe I managed to stick with this course for a whole week! I hope tomorrow’s lesson will be sort of a summary to all that I have learned in the past week.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments bellow.


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