Aashtanga Yoga For Beginners
Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners

Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners – Day 5 of 7

Today was lesson number 5 of Ashtanga yoga for beginners, an audio course by Live Yoga Life. In this lesson, I started out with the Sun Salutations and then moved on to the standing postures from yesterday and learned some new standing postures.

I used the PDF’s I printed out and once again I will say that this was a great idea, I had to look at the photos only for the new poses at the end of the exercise. In this Ashtanga yoga for beginners course, I am starting to understand the true meaning of yoga, I think this is a great place to start as a beginner because I get to learn about my body and who to notice my breaths.

I’m Getting the Hang of It

The Sun Salutation warm-up was great and I feel like I’m getting the hang of it. I can do the poses in a flow without checking the photos at all! 🙂 I am very proud of myself indeed.

Later on in the practice, we went over some of the standing poses we learned yesterday and learned new ones as well. I tried to concentrate on my breath and follow Yuki Nakazawa’s instructions on when to inhale and when to exhale, I managed to do it pretty well. I remember that on day 1 of the course I couldn’t find my breaths and it was very hard to follow the ‘inhale-exhale’ rhythm, but today was so much better.

Background Music will Confuse Me

I thought about putting some music on while listening to the audio lesson but I decided no to, I’m not confident enough in the routine and still need to hear the instructions. Yuki gives important tips during the lesson and I am sure that if I would put music on it would be very difficult for me to concentrate.

I am Improving

I can feel some changed, not physical changes (I am not more flexible than I was 5 days ago) but mainly in the way, I approach every pose. Today I didn’t stretch to my limit and every posture was perfectly perfect for me, I felt good stretches in my muscles and managed to relax and breath properly in every pose.

I felt completely relaxed and calm after the savasana, although during the savasana my mind kept wondering and I tried to get my focus back to my breaths, it was difficult but fun, as an exercise for the brain trying to get it to focus on one thing only.

Tomorrow is lesson number 6 and I’m excited to see what new yoga poses I will learn!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments bellow.


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  • Ravi

    Hey Paulina,

    Nice post and very practical as to what you have to go through when now starting the practice of something new.

    I also would be confused by music and audio.

    I know there is a yogic practice where you play various sounds or put varying scents and you have to focus on just one of them. I tried it but did poorly lol..

    Maybe I’ll try it again and see how well I can do it this time.


  • Wenda

    I love the idea of yoga and after reading this post have decided to go to your DAY 1, to find out more about this program. Thank you for taking the time to post.

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