Aashtanga Yoga For Beginners
Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners

Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners – Day 4 of 7

Better than Yesterday

Today I did lesson number 4 of the Ashtanga yoga for beginners audio course from Live Yoga Life and I felt a major improvement from yesterday! Some of the conclusions I have implemented from yesterday were to PRINT the PDF files with all the photos of how to do the poses and to LISTEN to my body.

I feel that with every passing day I am learning something new about yoga and more importantly about myself, this Ashtanga yoga for beginners is giving me a great insight into my body and soul. I am finding out what my physical limits are and how to treat my body with respect, not over doing the poses and believing that with enough practice I will be able to get the poses ‘perfect’. I am finding the motivation to do the practice every day because I know that after the practice I felt happy, calm and relaxed, ready for my day to begin with a smile.

The Improvements That Made Today’s Lesson Great

Printing out the PDF file was a great idea because I just lay them on the floor in front of my mat and every time I wasn’t sure about a specific posture I simply flipped to the relevant page and I could see clearly the correct position I needed to be in. Today I didn’t have to look at the photos at all for the Sun Salutation A and B and also for the first standing poses, but once again when Yuki started to explain a new standing posture I had to look flip the pages (but it was fine because they were right in front of me).

Before I went on the mat I decided not to push my limits like I did in lesson number 3, I didn’t want to go overboard and end up in pain. So with each pose I stretched until I felt comfortable and whenever I felt the slightest pain I backed up and gave my body some space, telling myself I don’t need to try and touch with my hands to the ground with straight knees, I tried to stay in a position where my body is stretching and relaxing at the same time (not so difficult to find that spot – it’s where I felt a ‘good stretch’).

The Pattern is Obvious

I think the pattern here is pretty obvious. When I learn a new pose I constantly need to look at the photos and I have zero confidence, but as I repeat these postures and exercises it gets easier and even FUN!

I think that tomorrow’s lesson will also be good since I know now how to approach each pose with full intention and respect to my body.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments bellow.


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  • Greg

    I missed a few days.

    Good to see your progress with the Ashtanga yoga for beginners course. I could see how printing out the pdf would be a big help.

    How long does it take to do each course/day?



    • Paulina

      Hey Greg,
      Each lesson is of different length, the first few are between 30-45 minutes and later they get to 45-60 minutes. This is great for people that want to learn the basics of yoga and also have a spare hour a day. There are also very nice 10 minute yoga lessons online that don’t require a lot of time.

  • Ravi

    Hey Paulina,

    Love the video and could see you enjoyed the session!

    I agree once you make it fun it’s so much easier….at least mentally. I remember when I used to practice yoga I also used the book with the poses illustrated to ensure I was doing the correct poses.

    Also agree with listening to your body. we are in physical activities for the long haul and the body is our best teacher.

    How I miss my yoga days…wanna incorporate it back into my routine!


    • Paulina

      Hey Ravi,
      Thank you for the kind words 🙂 I do try to improve and learn something new about my body and yoga every day, and I think that by the time I finish this course I will know I made great progress 🙂

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