Aashtanga Yoga For Beginners
Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners

Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners – Day 3 of 7

This is the third day that I am practicing the audio course named “Ashtanga Yoga Beginners Complete Set“, I feel that with each day that passes I get to know my body a bit better, I am still trying to make the poses look perfect (which is not good!) but then I remind myself that the whole point of yoga is to be MYSELF and connect to my body and soul. Ashtanga yoga for beginners is really FOR BEGINNERS, every pose is explained with detail and I feel that I am learning something new every day, correcting my postures, listening to my body’s limits and having fun.

I’m getting better

The Sun Salutation A was awesome and I’m getting really good at it! I did it in full pace without any pauses for corrections or tips from Yuki and I felt very proud of myself. This Ashtanga yoga for beginners makes me feel that with each lesson it builds up for the following one and I am getting better each and every day.

I turned up the volume on my iPhone and after practicing the Sun Salutation A, we moved on to Sun Salutation B at a slower pace, that was not easy for me because we stayed in each pose for longer. Every time we slow down the pace I get confused with the breaths and find myself in the need for more breaths between the poses.

Yuki says that it is fine to take as many breaths as I need so I think I am doing OK regarding my breaths. The poses themselves in the Sun Salutation B are very similar to A but for some reason I find it more difficult to do them, maybe because of the slow pace compared to A. I guess that as I move forward with the lessons each exercise will get easier and easier to follow as I will already know the poses by heart.

As we continued to with the Sun Salutation B the pace started to flow much better, and I began to gain more confidence in my ability to do these poses.

Getting to Know my Limits

This exercise was pretty intense on my upper back for some reason, I think I should pay closer attention to the explanations because at some point I noticed that I was really over doing it with my pose, trying to make it look like the photo. I’m still not at that level, I’m definitely still a beginner working my way up and getting to know my body’s limits.

During the Sun Salutation B, I was starting to feel tired and my muscles were starting to hurt, I decided to ease it up a bit and try to get into a comfortable position within every pose. That was a smart decision because after I stopped trying to make all my postures ‘perfect’ every stretch felt good.

In this lesson, I didn’t look at the photos at all for Sun Salutation A and B, but for the new Standing Postures that I learned today, I was constantly looking at the photos. I think my conclusion for today would be to PRINT out the PDF files so I won’t have to touch my laptop’s keyboard to scroll down for each pose.

I’m so looking forward to tomorrow’s lesson number 4! I hope I will be able to do all the postures in full pace.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments bellow.


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  • Jerry Huang | Stinky Feet Solutions

    Thanks for sharing your personal experience with the Ashtanga yoga day by day. It is really interesting to see how you are benefiting from this.

    Just have a quick question. This is only for beginners right? Do you have any similar courses that are suitable for intermediate learner?

    • Paulina

      Hey Jerry,
      This course is mainly for beginners and I think that for more experience people this might be easy.
      There are many other more advanced courses here, but I haven’t had the chance to check them out yet.
      I hope you find something that is good for your level 🙂

  • Hari S Nair

    You are really making some great progress with Ashtanga Yoga, I have known that Yoga teaches us to connect with or body and as you have mentioned that you have started to know your body better, it seems like you are getting it right. I understand it could be a little difficult to it exactly as they show it in the photo but I have seen that different people do same poses slightly differently depending on their body type.

    Great to hear that you stopped trying to make it perfect because I believe what’s perfect is what FEELS perfect. I am so excited to hear more from you, keep going!

    • Paulina

      Thanks Hari, it’s so nice of you to motivate me because I feel that I am on the right track with Yoga, I am learning and improving with each and every lesson I take.
      I loved your phrase ‘perfect is what FEELS perfect’. 🙂

  • Peter

    You have to really listen to your bio feedback when doing yoga or any other concentrated exercise or workout. You want to stimulate your muscles and not annihilate them. Pain is not something you should feel, if you do it’s time to back off. Even resting days in between sessions are good to allow the body to recover. You can do this everyday if you really back off and listen to your body.
    It sounds like fun, enjoy!

    • Paulina

      You’re right. I need to lean how to listen to my body and I am glad that these exercises have given me the opportunity to do that. Every day I feel like I am learning something new about how to stretch my body and to what extent. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

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