Aashtanga Yoga For Beginners
Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners

Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners – Day 2 of 7

Second Day with the Audio Course

Today was the second lesson of the Ashtanga yoga for beginners audio program by Live Yoga Life, in this lesson I practiced the Sun Salutation A at full pace without stopping every pose for explanations and learned how to do the Sun Salutation B pose after pose.

I looked at the photos before starting the exercise in hope of memorizing them so I won’t have to check during the pose, but that didn’t really help. This is Ashtanga yoga for beginners, so I think it is totally fine if I need to check every now and again to see if my position is right and if I understand what I am supposed to do. I hope that by the time I get to lesson 7 I won’t need to use the photos at all and will be able to do the full exercise at full pace.

Sun Salutation B

In this lesson, I learned how to do the Sun Salutation B, which was a bit more difficult than A. In yesterday’s lesson I learned how to do the Sun Salutation A correctly so I managed to do it today with more ease and I didn’t need to look at the pictures during this section.

Only when I moved on to learn how to do the Sun Salutation B had I looked at the photos to check out if I am doing the poses right, if my feet were aligned the way they are supposed to and if I wasn’t going over my limits with the poses. I find that because this is an Ashtanga yoga for beginners, it’s very useful that Yuki Nakazawa gives small, but important, tips on how to change my posture if I feel pain and how to get to the right position without stretching too much.

The explanations for the Sun Salutation B were very slow in today’s audio and each pose was very intense, I guess is was the same yesterday when I learned the Sun Salutation A but I didn’t notice it because it was all new. Today I started off with the Sun Salutation A in full pace so when Yuki started to explain slowly how to reach each pose I was a bit anxious to ‘get to the point’ and just do the whole practice in one take.

During the exercise I was waiting for the Shavasana so I could relax my muscles and close my eyes, I love the feeling of calming my body after the yoga practice.

I Need to be More Patient

I keep wanting to get the postures perfect, do the whole routine at full pace, but I forget that first I need to learn how to do each pose correctly before running off and trying to master the Sun Salutations all at once. I hope that with each lesson I do I’ll gain more confidence and more experience in the different poses, so at the end of these seven days, I will feel like I am able to do the full exercise alone in my one pace.

I really hope that tomorrow, in lesson number 3, I will be able to do the Sun Salutations A and B at full pace so I’ll feel that I am making some progress! 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions or comments bellow.


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  • Nick Hoyt

    Yoga is such a great way to increase your consciousness and promote good health. It’s crazy that it’s been around for thousands of years, and yet so few people do it in our society!

    I’ve practiced some beginner’s yoga, but these Sun Salutations are new to me. It looks pretty cool! But definitely tough at first. Keep at it! 🙂

    • Paulina

      I think that people are becoming more and more aware of how Yoga is a great thing for our body and soul. I hope more poeple would give it a try 😉

  • Dino

    “Patient” is the key to learning, many things that we learn need times, so we can’t get into success just in 1 day. Especially thing like YOGA, this is not an easy thing, so we need more patient on that. Cheers Paulina, I’m sure you can make it.

    • Paulina

      Hey Dino,
      Thank you so much for your encouragement! I believe that I will get better and better each day 🙂

  • Peter

    The amazing thing about yoga is learning the different terminology for all these movements and stance. I find it fascinating. My wife does yoga at least once a week. I think I need to start going with her. Sun saturation, that’s a good one.
    Thanks for this.

  • Jerry Huang | Stinky Feet Solutions

    Congrats on going to the second day! Seems like this really need some practice before you can get the hang of it.

    Due to the nature of the courses, it adds a little bit more challenges without the direct help from a teacher.

    But just like you’ve said, patience and practice is the key. I wish you all the best for your yoga journey.

    Just a quick question…what are the benefits of doing yoga? Do you have a post for that?

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