About Me

Hey, everyone! Thanks for looking into my “About Me” page.

My name is Paulina, I am 27 years old and live in a nice small town with my husband and our lovely dog. About a year and a half ago I finished my studies and received my BSc in Physics, I started working right away as a sales engineer in a high-tech company. The job was very stressful and I found myself not feeling well physically and mentally, I would wake up every day just waiting for it to end, waiting to get back home and waiting for the weekend to arrive. No matter how much I tried to stay happy and look at the positive things I had in life (thankfully there were many), nothing seemed to work.

Then I decided to look into yoga and meditation which I never REALLY tried before, I did go to one or two yoga classes but couldn’t make a commitment to stick with it. I decided to give it a try and every morning for three weeks after taking my dog for a walk, I did the sun salutation or “Surya Namaskara” (which is a yoga warm-up routine). I did it for only 15 minutes or so each day and the feeling was amazing! I must say that I was not flexible at the time (and I can still improve my flexibility)  and most of the postures I could only do half and they were not ‘perfect’, but nevertheless, I felt (and still feel) wonderful after every time I do the routine.

I started thinking about how yoga helped me relax, feel good and focuses on the positive things in life. I understood that we all just want (and need) to be surrounded with loving people who elevate us, who make us smile, and to feel that we are getting closer to success in our life.

Since the time I worked at my low energy job I quit and now am dedicated to upgrading my life constantly with more positive energy, more breathe, stretch, meditation and relaxation. I know that yoga changed my life for the better because I feel I am much calmer, happier and grateful for the wonderful life I have.

I would like to invite you to follow my journey with yoga here on mylifewithyoga.com where I will be posting my personal stories, tips, information and so much more about how yoga can help us all live a peaceful and amazing life.

A photo of me with my dog
A photo of me and my dog

My goal with my site is to help people like you, that might feel unbalanced in life or maybe just want to be more flexible and physically fit to create a blissful life that you deserve! If you have any question or comments please please ask me anything! Maybe even start a conversation inside my stories and posts, you can also always send me an e-mail at paulina@mylifewithyoga.com and I will be more than happy to read and reply.

I wish you all the best and hope you will like my site and stories.

Have a peaceful yogi day,